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Christmas world 2015  (clipping path included)

Local SEO has evolved at rapid-fire pace over the last three years, a trend that will continue into 2015. Smart marketers have their eyes on upcoming trends in local and are getting in position to reap maximum benefit.   continue reading
During the last few weeks, my unfiltered social media (Twitter, Instagram) has been flooded with national current events, largely the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, and then the equally contentious trial of Daniel Pantaleo. In both cases the outcome of non-indictment brought a severe public backlash that flooded my inbox, phone, television and social feeds. In both cases, there was a lack of brands’ understanding that though their content was good, they failed to respond to the context of current events. Audience relevance and timeliness are important to understanding how your message is received, not just what the message itself should contain.B4cxG7UCAAAUMkP.png large   Breaking news is a relic of my childhood, when regularly scheduled programming WAS interrupted for breaking news. The advent of the 24-hour news channel and the immediacy of the Internet has changed the landscape of news, making it hard to know what is ‘breaking’, and what is ‘news’. In the figure above, you can see that breaking, and news are clear here - the 24th of November represents a point at which news did break, and many among my peers and in general on Twitter were focused on one event.   riot Audience relevance is important, and understanding what your audience is interested in, consuming and interacting with are important as well. Current events, conversations, and trends are all important.   beyonce   The most engaging audience trends need to be put into context, and you need to know what your audience cares about. Most social B2B marketers were wasting their time targeting me, and my peers with content during the height of the protest and the trends that surrounded it.   Though it was a while ago, the Red Cross did an amazing job engaging with the Sharknado premiere. This break in their regularly scheduled tweeting gave their brand and follow count a boost - so there are times where the context can make your consumers see you in a new, personal, and fun light. Be careful though, as Best Buy learned this week - you need to be sure your commentary is in good taste, and perhaps run anything edgy by your PR team.   serial   Listening is more important than speaking, but sometimes listening isn’t just about your audience, sometimes it’s about context as well.   So what can we take away from my massive “follow” purge during recent events?  
  • Cultural context matters, your ‘right’ message framed with the wrong content can make your content the wrong content. Timing matters as much as content in terms of driving consumption.
  • Demographics are not simply a content creation and retargeting tool - they can provide meaningful context cues.
  • Looking for the right time and day to publish content is important for improving conversion rates, but beware of forgetting to watch for exceptions.
  • If you have a PR team, ask them before you comment on current events, but also don’t be afraid to ask them if publishing a Tweet about a product during a crisis, or a news saturation on a network may affect perception of your brand.
  • However, Don’t be afraid to embrace trends that are on-brand and relevant
  As marketers, it’s our responsibility to be savvy about our audience, as word of mouth marketers, it is even more important to be savvy about national, local and demographic context, or we risk being seen as out of touch or insensitive.   Originally posted at   1547 Rachel Ullstrom Account Director, Social Technologies Rio SEO
apple-maps-google-maps   In our last blog post for Local Search Insider, we shared creative ways to win the holiday shopping season with top rankings in paid, organic and maps listings. The accuracy and rankings of map listings are critical to connect and convert consumers with immediate needs, as they search for information from within the proximity of a business.   continue reading
WOMMA: MLB’s Youth problem and How WOM Marketing Creates Audiences and Fans I have a confession to make; I skipped school as a kid to go to Mariners games (sorry Mom and Dad). In my defense, the Mariners were pretty good in those years, which created a lot of fun baseball memories growing up. continue reading
Finding-Local-Search-Success,Post-Pigeon-&-Penguin-3Hot on the heels of the latest Penguin update, marketers are scrambling to measure its effects. Penguin 3.0, the first update since October 4th, 2013, completed its rollout early Monday, October 20th. That's right, those who were hit by the last Penguin update waited over a year without an update or refresh to see if their clean-up efforts had done the trick.   continue reading
Rio SEO_local_seo_holiday_shoppingNow that retailers are on the tail end of the back-to-school rush – the second busiest shopping period behind the upcoming winter holidays – the question is: How well is your business prepared to dominate local search results for your products and services this year? continue reading
gears-combine-acquisition-merger-ss-1920-800x450Covario, one of the very large search marketing agencies in the US with over 220* employees, has announced they will be acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network.   continue reading
This week, the announcement of a new acquisition hit the wire: search and content marketing agency Covario is to be acquired by media and digital communications company Dentsu Aegis Network by the close of 2014. continue reading
Dentsu Aegis Network has agreed to acquire one of the largest independent search and content marketing agencies not affiliated with the major agency holding companies. continue reading

A few weeks ago, I began seeing troubling bits of news in my Twitter feed about Ferguson, Mo.  After watching an escalation of news in my Twitter and Facebook feeds over a matter of hours, I was baffled by the absence of the news as a trending topic. , and apparent absence from my feed on Facebook. How could everyone I know (and follow) be watching the events in Ferguson, and have it still not surfacing among trends on social networks?

  continue reading

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