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Social Retargeting & Analytics™ by Rio SEO

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Automated Social Media Analytics and Social Retargeting Software

Using Rio SEO Social products, brands can reach their social audiences with targeted advertising, activate them with exclusive content and special rewards, measure and optimize performance with best-of-breed social analytics.

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Social Analytics & RetargetingLearn About Rio SEO Social

Social Media Analytics & Tracking Software

Advanced Social Media and Content Marketing Analytics

Measure and benchmark the impact of your content from sharing and social distribution – quickly identify opportunities to increase social reach and engagement.

  • Provide visibility into content marketing reach and engagement
  • Gain insight into multi-generational sharing and engagement
  • Measure ROI from content marketing and social sharing
  • Identify your brand’s biggest influencers and social advocates

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Engage Social Influencers with Gamification

Sharing and social referral tools to turn passive visitors into active influencers through gamification.

  • Customizable sharing tools to encourage engagement with your brand
  • Gamify your content through social referral reward programs
  • Easily apply rules to reward users through our Incentives Rules Engine
  • Integrate social leader boards and reward brand advocates

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Social Media Activation & Gamification

Social Retargeting Platform

Retarget Your Brand’s Biggest Influencers with BlueKai

Social retargeting solution that allows social segmentation of brand influencers and targets social look-alikes with DSP networks.

  • Amplify your social retargeting on a massive scale with social look-alikes similar to your brand’s advocates
  • Track and measure all sharing to gain deep insights into your brand’s audience
  • Target your social audience segment including influencers and social visitors with display advertising

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