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Rio Social Marketing Analytics

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Automated Social Analytics and Automation Software

Using the newly upgraded Rio Social solution, marketers can connect and engage with their social audiences with targeted brand content; activate them to purchase through exclusive content, promotions, and special rewards; and measure and optimize performance with customizable, data-rich calculations and social analytics.

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Social Analytics & RetargetingLearn About Rio SEO Social

Social Media Analytics & Tracking Software

Advanced Social Media and Content Marketing Analytics

Measure and benchmark the impact of your content from sharing and social distribution – quickly identify opportunities to increase social reach and engagement.

  • Provide visibility into content marketing reach and engagement
  • Gain insight into multi-generational sharing and engagement
  • Measure ROI from content marketing and social sharing
  • Identify your brand’s biggest influencers and social advocates

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Engage Social Influencers with Gamification

Sharing and social referral tools to turn passive visitors into active influencers through gamification.

  • Customizable sharing tools to encourage engagement with your brand
  • Gamify your content through social referral reward programs
  • Easily apply rules to reward users through our Incentives Rules Engine
  • Integrate social leader boards and reward brand advocates

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Social Media Activation & Gamification

Social Retargeting Platform

Retarget Your Brand’s Biggest Influencers with BlueKai

Social retargeting solution that allows social segmentation of brand influencers and targets social look-alikes with DSP networks.

  • Amplify your social retargeting on a massive scale with social look-alikes similar to your brand’s advocates
  • Track and measure all sharing to gain deep insights into your brand’s audience
  • Target your social audience segment including influencers and social visitors with display advertising

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