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For hyperlocal vendors grappling with expansion, a national retail chain can represent the big whale. With the potential to have their platforms adopted at hundreds of locations throughout the country with just single sale, it’s no wonder hyperlocal startups are willing to devote so many resources to developing partnerships with big-name clients. Of course, the challenges of attracting attention from a national retail chain, versus a small business, are clear. Whereas an SMB usually has a single owner and a clear point of entry, navigating the world of corporate retail chains is a bit murkier for salespeople who aren’t experienced in the process.   Here are five strategies for finding the right person to pitch at a retail chain, from executives at hyperlocal startups and consulting agencies who’ve had success landing these types of big-name clients. continue reading
By Chris Reid / GM of Rio SEO   Over the last year, leading marketing consultants at Satrix Solutions and Forrester Research recognized Rio SEO for having outstanding customer service and superior search technology, respectively.   I’m extremely proud of my team for achieving these accolades over the past year; being named ‘the only leader’ in Forrester’s evaluation of SEO software platforms is a testimony to the innovation of our technology, the strength of our customer partnerships, and the passion our team retains in attempt to continuously achieve our overall mission.   continue reading

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