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If one were to summarize the current landscape in a sentence, a quote from Jeff Beard (SVP, General Manager for Neustar Localeze) does it nicely:  
What we can clearly see is that the local search market is maturing – what we previously described as a Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) revolution is now embedded in consumer behavior.
  The touchpoints for local search stretch from social networks like Twitter and Facebook, to apps like Yelp and See Green, right through to maps and a huge range of local directories. This presents significant opportunity for integrating local search efforts with influencer retargeting. By identifying and tracking these brand influencers, companies can in turn measurably increase the effectiveness of search efforts from mobile devices to desktops.   continue reading
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What the #Hashtag?

  Thinking back to the dawn of SMS it seems funny to think that in a few years our world would be run by acronyms, photo apps, short videos, and even vanishing photos. (Remember all your Mom’s photo books?)   Over the past couple years the Internet and social media have continued to mold how we, social human beings, consume content through businesses and friends. Content marketing has grown into the epicenter of how marketers and brands can directly impact the thoughts and actions of users to buy, sign up, or further share their content. continue reading

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