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Multi-location businesses face unique challenges in the management, optimization, and distribution of local business listing information. Accuracy is critical for every business, but those with a number of locations must also master scale.   It's easy to get bogged down in spreadsheets and a hodgepodge of tools. After all, most marketers struggle to see the ROI from local campaigns, so it can be difficult to justify putting budget here to streamline your efforts. You might simply rely on Yext, or have an agency do the work for you.   continue reading
By Sarah Berger / Director of Business Development, Rio SEO   A decade in Boston spent with classmates from Maine cultivated a common phrase for inaccessible businesses with unpredictable routes and inaccurate addresses.  “You can’t get there from here.”   Losing potential customers, who are actively seeking your business, can cost your brand revenue and negatively impact your brand presence.   continue reading
More Enhanced Local Business Data Expected to Garner Increased Local Search Engine Visibility for Rio SEO Customers   SAN DIEGO, July 11, 2013 – Rio SEO, the leader in SEO automation and a SaaS-based provider of enterprise search, local SEO and social media marketing tools, today announced it will join forces with data aggregator Acxiom to acquire relevant data and enhanced content about customers’ local business listings.   continue reading

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