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By Karisa Macias / Marketing Manager, Rio SEO   Last week we held a webinar hosted by the folks at Digital Marketing Depot entitled “How Local SEO Automation Delivers Results for Multi-Location Businesses.” For local SEO marketers, accurate tracking, measurement and reporting is critical to save time and keep costs in line.   continue reading
When asked to rate their biggest challenges with managing digital media for their business, 47% of local business owners said they don’t have enough knowledge or expertise; 43% said they don’t have enough time; and 26% said they don’t have enough resources, according to a Local Search Association/Thrive Analytics survey conducted earlier this year.   continue reading
Social media citySocial media has changed the face of word-of-mouth marketing, providing everyday people with massive platforms for sharing their opinions about businesses online. These so-called “influencers,” who’ve been loosely defined as consumers who are able to mobilize opinions and create reactions when talking about specific topics, can have a major impact on a local merchant’s online reputation. continue reading
By Karisa Macias / Marketing Manager, Rio SEO   "Stay curious. Be passionate. That's our job as marketers." -David Shing   Interactive Day Last week, my home town hosted one of the West Coast’s premier one-day digital marketing and ad technology events, Interactive Day San Diego, with more than 1,200 marketers in attendance.   Imagine an entire day with thought leaders covering every aspect of digital marketing, including four keynote speakers, 20 breakout sessions, and an industry tradeshow where exhibitors offered chair massages, temporary tattoos, Yo-Yo's, and even prizes for a few skilled tosses of Cornhole. continue reading
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SaaS:  Software as a Service and Service as a Software

  In 2012, the Gartner Group issued a study saying in the next five years CMOs would spend more on technology than CIOs.   That may be true, but Gartner did not seem to comment on how much CIOs spend on technology services and systems integration, and how much more CMOs would end up spending on services as well – all as part of the great move to get the new generation of Gen X CMOs to leverage SaaS software, automation and analytics as part of the reinvention of their business discipline.   continue reading
Rachel Ullstrom / Account Director, Rio SEO   There are countless studies on why video makes for effective content and leads to discovery in Internet searches on YouTube, Google, Bing and Yahoo. What hasn’t been particularly well articulated is why video is discovered so frequently and who is doing the discovering.   continue reading
By Russ Mann / CEO of Rio SEO   Four years ago I wrote a blog post on the new GenX CMO. While pundits and publishers were spilling pixels about the disparity between the time spent online versus the money spent online, few were getting to the root cause of that disparity.   My argument then, which is now being played out, is that the media spend did not shift because the person spending the money did not change. Now, however -- with the Baby Boomer CMOs starting to retire and Gen X CMOs coming into office as we speak -- this equation is changing rapidly and radically. continue reading
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Long-time Software and Agency Marketing Exec to Provide Strategic Marketing Direction   SAN DIEGO, Feb. 4, 2013 – James Latham has joined Rio SEO and Covario as the advisory chief marketing officer (CMO) for both the software technology provider and the search marketing agency, respectively.   Latham was formerly the CMO of OpenText, Canada’s largest software company, and previously held the strategy marketing and analytics leadership role for McCann-Erickson’s Relationship Marketing division.   continue reading

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