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If one were to summarize the current landscape in a sentence, a quote from Jeff Beard (SVP, General Manager for Neustar Localeze) does it nicely:  
What we can clearly see is that the local search market is maturing – what we previously described as a Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) revolution is now embedded in consumer behavior.
  The touchpoints for local search stretch from social networks like Twitter and Facebook, to apps like Yelp and See Green, right through to maps and a huge range of local directories. This presents significant opportunity for integrating local search efforts with influencer retargeting. By identifying and tracking these brand influencers, companies can in turn measurably increase the effectiveness of search efforts from mobile devices to desktops.   continue reading
Matt Cutts’ recent post on his personal blog articulated a devolving pattern of spammy “guest blog” practices. It was a fairly thorough exploration of a common problem of paying for content simply to gain links. While it was a complex argument, and a solid point of view - it was summed up everywhere in four words: “Guest Blogging is Dead” which is not exactly what he said - it was a bit more of a, cautionary tale - ‘be careful who you invite to blog’. Basically Cutts’ point can be boiled down to one salient point; Blogging - and content - cannot just be about SEO. If you look at the forest for the virtual trees you are missing the value for users in the creation of content and the curation of voices.
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Oct 15, 2013 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT   In 2012, Black Friday was the single biggest day for retail website traffic, up 20.7% from the 2011 holiday season.  Online sales on Thanksgiving grew by 17.4% from the previous year, showing that consumers use this day to jumpstart their holiday shopping and research.  Attend this webinar and learn key search marketing and social media strategies to drive more drive traffic to your website and brick-and-mortar stores during this critical kick-off to the 2013 holiday season.  Search marketing and social media experts from Covario and Rio SEO will engage in a round table discussion as they discuss strategies, tips and tactics you can put in place now to prepare for next month’s big day.   continue reading
Search Engines MD, a Minneapolis-based Internet marketing agency, recently picked Rio SEO’s SEO Automation Platform, to offer pre- and post-search campaign insights to its car dealership clients nationwide.   Rio SEO is a major player in SEO automation and an SaaS (News  - Alert)-based provider of enterprise search, local SEO, mobile search and social media marketing tools. Its SEO Automation Platform consists of a suite of software tools for SEO analysis, reporting and implementation. continue reading
Minneapolis Marketing Agency Can Now Provide Clients with Real-Time SEO Audits   SAN DIEGO, Sept. 24, 2013 – Rio SEO, the leader in SEO automation and a SaaS-based provider of enterprise search, local SEO, mobile search and social media marketing tools, today announced that Search Engines MD, a Minneapolis-based Internet marketing agency, has selected its SEO Automation Platform™ to provide pre- and post search campaign insights to its car dealership clients nationwide.   continue reading
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SaaS:  Software as a Service and Service as a Software

  In 2012, the Gartner Group issued a study saying in the next five years CMOs would spend more on technology than CIOs.   That may be true, but Gartner did not seem to comment on how much CIOs spend on technology services and systems integration, and how much more CMOs would end up spending on services as well – all as part of the great move to get the new generation of Gen X CMOs to leverage SaaS software, automation and analytics as part of the reinvention of their business discipline.   continue reading
Ben Straley / VP of Social Technologies, Rio SEO   We recently published a whitepaper confirming that the connections between search and social are clearly growing stronger.  As people engage with and share content more frequently, these actions and the embedded back links they include are sending signals to the search engines.  These signals are seen by the search engines as key inputs into their ranking processes and algorithms.  Furthermore, as search results become more and more personalized, the impact that content sharing and social signals have on rankings will only become more significant. continue reading
Whether you call it content marketing, inbound marketing or convergence marketing, the new era of digital marketing has arrived. It is driven by carefully planned, well crafted and expertly promoted content. Where does that leave the SEO experts of the past? Where does that leave the technical experts who have survived and thrived amid the constant search engine shifts, updates and technology enhancements?   When positioned correctly, SEO strategists and practitioners are increasingly having a larger voice in telling the marketing story. By using big data—keyword research, transactional data and social data—to inform not just search engine optimization, but content strategy and creation, the SEO team offers a unique combination of customer understanding and technical expertise to lead content-driven success. continue reading

How brand marketers can track and amplify “social signals” to improve organic search results – and achieve unprecedented reach, brand lift, and ROI.

  Marketers today are faced with the challenge of capturing consumers’ attention in an “ad blind” world where most advertising is largely ignored. Instead, consumers now rely mostly on search engines and social networks to get information about brands, products, and services – making it critical to “show up” in organic search results.   In this increasingly social environment , the most strategic way to improve organic search rankings is to create “shareworthy” social content, and then encourage, track, and measure sharing. By decoding content marketing strategy to enable “social signals” and engagement, marketers can dramatically improve their organic search rankings and reach more relevant consumers than ever before. continue reading
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By Pete Dudchenko / VP of Product Management   Content is Not King, It’s More Like a PresidentIt seems that every industry article I read these days mentions the value of quality content. If you’re like me, over the last year you’ve heard the term, “Content is King” so frequently that you’re ready to pull out your hair. While I do believe this is a grossly overused statement, my objection is not solely targeted on the frequency of its use, but also with the accuracy (or lack thereof) around the statement itself. continue reading

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