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What are widely (among my friend groups) considered the world’s ugliest shoes were sold with an assumption that we are all familiar with from the paleo, gluten free and now barefoot running trends?   Early man had it right, and all this technology is just getting in our way. With very little science supporting these movements – largely driven by their dedicated fans who share the value proposition – you will be healthier and more injury-free if you adopt these.   continue reading
Every month or so, another article claiming the “end of social media” is published in reaction to some small change in subscribers, participants or popular sites. It’s the sort of argument I imagine was popular among stair makers when the elevator was invented. These ‘chicken littles’ (in this case the Daily Mail) recently noted that investment in social sites was down in July and asked if it was “the end of the social network.” continue reading
Ben Straley / VP of Social Search Technologies   In a recent webinar titled How to Create Brand Buzz Using Social Audience Data and Smart Segmentation and hosted by WOMMA, I highlighted the importance of creating rich brand advocate profiles and reaching similar enthusiasts at an amplified scale. You can view and listen to a recording of the Webinar here.   continue reading
Tyler Ludwig / Interactive Marketing Manager, Rio SEO   As a digital marketer, we always want to better define our target audience and provide more relevant messaging.  For Rio SEO we recently initiated internally an implementation of our patent-pending Tag and Trace™ social analytics technology through Rio SEO Social Analyze™ and integrated it with our CRM database.  With this advancement, our marketing team is now able to track, identify, and engage our most active and influential social audience through retargeting campaigns.   continue reading
Rachel Ullstrom / Account Director, Rio SEO   There are countless studies on why video makes for effective content and leads to discovery in Internet searches on YouTube, Google, Bing and Yahoo. What hasn’t been particularly well articulated is why video is discovered so frequently and who is doing the discovering.   continue reading
By Thomas Kim / Product Manager, Rio SEO   In a recent piece I wrote for WOMMA's blog, I touched on the need for clarity and purpose in the collection of data on a large scale – more specifically, in the context of social sharing and content marketing.  And when we talk about clarity, we almost certainly mean to include the elements of transparency. Companies in the business of collecting and managing large datasets – whether it's for the purpose of research and learning or for the ability to deliver an ad for that new iPad mini, exactly when you're most apt to purchase that product – bear the responsibility of keeping that valuable data in confidence and in the public's trust.  Data should be collected willingly and people should have a clear option of not participating with their data in the process if they should decide.   continue reading
Using social media data to improve the relevancy of Internet search results has been a major goal of search marketing providers since the dawn of user-generated content and social media when Facebook was nothing more than a glimmer in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye.   In its original form, the idea was to take all of the things one’s friends were saying about a particular restaurant, product or brand, and incorporate that content into the results one would see when searching with a related keyword.   continue reading

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