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Word of Mouth at its heart was literally one person passing on comments or recommendations to another. (For great read on WOM fundamentals, check out this book by Andy Sernovitz).  This required the physical sharing of a common locality to experience this Word of Mouth phenomenon.   As communications technology advanced, this spatial requirement for Word of Mouth diminished.  Enter the Internet age – where we have people from one part of the world influencing others on the other side of the globe.   continue reading
The lines of Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing were already well on their way of becoming increasingly blurred when Google's Hummingbird change in 2013 increased the impact that social media assets have in determining search engine rankings.   As a refresher (or maybe primer), let's provide a distinction between Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.  Distilled from a 2012 post by Toby Murdock on the Content Marketing Institute's website, the main difference is that: continue reading
By Thomas Kim / Product Manager, Rio SEO   In a recent piece I wrote for WOMMA's blog, I touched on the need for clarity and purpose in the collection of data on a large scale – more specifically, in the context of social sharing and content marketing.  And when we talk about clarity, we almost certainly mean to include the elements of transparency. Companies in the business of collecting and managing large datasets – whether it's for the purpose of research and learning or for the ability to deliver an ad for that new iPad mini, exactly when you're most apt to purchase that product – bear the responsibility of keeping that valuable data in confidence and in the public's trust.  Data should be collected willingly and people should have a clear option of not participating with their data in the process if they should decide.   continue reading
By Thomas Kim / Product Manager, Rio SEO  

Big Data

  Following up on a post I did for WOMMA, it's no surprise that I continue to see headlines about big data without much effort. It seems big data is the answer for everything. Big data can predict musical superstars. Big data can help your HR efforts. It can even help you win a presidential election.   Here are a couple of recent big data headlines that have a bit more relevance to us folk in the advertising and marketing industries:   continue reading

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