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Best PracticeIn the constantly shifting local search landscape, where it can feel like the targets are forever on the move, marketers are scrambling to measure the ROI or their efforts. For local SEO, marketers utilizing best SEO practices are critical to driving maximum impact before and during the upcoming holiday season.   continue reading
Multi-location businesses face unique challenges in the management, optimization, and distribution of local business listing information. Accuracy is critical for every business, but those with a number of locations must also master scale.   It's easy to get bogged down in spreadsheets and a hodgepodge of tools. After all, most marketers struggle to see the ROI from local campaigns, so it can be difficult to justify putting budget here to streamline your efforts. You might simply rely on Yext, or have an agency do the work for you.   continue reading
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"Yahoo can't expect to see much revenue from Tumblr until maybe 2014, says Ben Straley, a vice president with Rio SEO, a company that builds ad campaigns around social and search."

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“Setting aside the question of value (did Yahoo overpay?), this deal makes tons of strategic sense for three reasons. First, Yahoo immediately obtains Tumblr’s massive audience of younger, highly-engaged users. Advertisers covet that audience and now Yahoo has a tremendous source of those users to promote to its advertising clients. Not only the size of the audience is attractive but also the behaviors in which the audience is engaged when using Tumblr: content discovery, creation, and sharing. That is gold in the rapidly growing world of content marketing. Second, it is about the content. In Tumblr, Yahoo is getting an incredibly deep and broad collection of user generated and brand generated content to provide a very powerful vehicle for advertisers to target messages in very contextually relevant ways, including ‘Native Ads.’ Finally, it is about the platform. Tumblr is a fun, easy to use, and engaging content creation and distribution platform. Its popularity is a testament to that. Much like Google’s acquisition of YouTube and Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, this deal is about Yahoo gaining a platform hundreds of millions of us spend time on to create, connect, discover and share content of all different kinds. The audience and potential for significant ad revenue is already there so now it is a matter of how Yahoo goes about monetizing it without spoiling the experience or alienating the audience.” — Ben Straley, vice president, social technologies at Rio SEO. continue reading
Specialty retailer Charming Charlie operates more than 240 retail stores in the United States where it sells fashion accessories like scarves, jewelry and purses. It’s opening those stores at a fast clip—more than 20 in the last four months alone—and is laying the groundwork to launch direct-to-consumer e-commerce at in August.   The retailer is staffing up its web team—it anticipates going from a three-person web team today to 25 by the end of 2013—but one of the first things Kim LaFleur, Charming Charlie’s vice president of e-commerce, did when she joined the retailer three months ago was fix how Charming Charlie showed up in search engine results. continue reading

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