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2019 was undoubtedly a year of innovation, progress and forward movement in the local search industry. Over the past year at Rio SEO, we’ve seen new trending topics, uncovered helpful strategies, and heard how our clients have reached success in the ever-changing local search ecosystem. Throughout the year, we were quick to provide you with these compelling insights through our always-expanding library of content resources. 

As the year comes to a close and we gear up for more exciting content to come, we want to revisit some of the topics you enjoyed the most over the past year. To do this, we’ve rounded up our top 5 most visited pieces of content below to guide you towards what other local marketing industry experts found to be the most intriguing topics we covered in 2019. 

5 Critical Mobile SEO Insights for Multi-Location Brands [Webinar]

Mobile searches are on the rise as consumers turn to their phones now more than ever to find relevant information to influence their purchases. From using their phones to look for a store’s location to reading reviews, consumers are using mobile phones to shape every step of the customer journey. With mobile playing a critical role from search to sale, multi-location brands must optimize their local listings to ensure they stand out amongst their competitors. 

Many of our readers were quick to notice the need to better understand the importance of mobile optimization, and read our webinar recap on Mobile Metrics that Matter. In the webinar, we shared the benefits of mobile and which metrics brand should be focused on, with the help of Cindy Krum, CEO, and founder of MobileMoxie.

In the recap, we provided you with the most valuable takeaways from the webinar, rounding up the top five most critical mobile SEO insights that stood out to us. Read more about our key Mobile SEO Insights.

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Measuring the ROI of Google Posts for Enterprise Brands: An Analysis of Over 5000 Google Posts [Whitepaper]

Google Posts enable businesses and brands to create optimized, temporary content that appears immediately on the business’ knowledge panel. Since its launch in 2017, there has been a bevy of studies and opinion pieces on Google Posts, detailing the strong potential it has to offer. Yet, before adding another tool to your undoubtedly already expansive toolbox, we understand you want to make sure it’s worth the effort.

That’s why Rio SEO put together this whitepaper, eliminating the guesswork by strategically analyzing more than 5,000 Google Posts across several verticals, including retail, service, financial, and restaurants to evaluate the overall impact in local presence for enterprise brands. These key data points prove the positive impact Google Posts have on online searchers and the statistics back it up. Read more to learn how Google Posts can benefit your business.

How to Optimize for the Google Local 3-Pack [Blog]

Standing out in competitive local markets is crucial for enterprise businesses. It’s no secret being displayed prominently at the top of the search results page guarantees more views, clicks, and interactions. Google’s Local 3-Pack contains all the information a motivated consumer needs to take action.

Our readers were quick to catch on to the importance of Google’s Local 3-Pack, making this blog post one of our top visited posts of 2019. In the post, readers will learn what the Local 3-Pack is, which ranking factors impact Google’s 3-Pack Listings, how Google My Business impacts 3-Pack rankings and how local reviews impact local pack rankings. Read more to discover strategies to land your business into the 3-Pack.

Guiding Your Local Search Strategy to Drive Customers [Webinar]

When it comes to local search strategy, there can be a lot to unpack in the continual advancements in search engines and emerging technologies, and shifts in consumer behavior. Enterprise brands need to focus on the most impactful strategies to stay ahead of the game. But where should you start?

At the start of 2019, we hosted a webinar with two local search experts, Brian Smith, Director of Data Partnerships and Local Strategy at Rio SEO, and Steve Wiideman, President of the Wiideman Consulting Group. It was one of our most popular webinars viewed over the past year, and for good reason! In the webinar, we discussed how local search technology changed in 2018 and what enterprise brands could expect in the future to help them better refine their local search strategies. Access the live video to learn more about the highlights and key takeaways from the “Guiding your Local Search Strategy to Drive Customers in 2019” webinar.

Google My Business Has New Features for Service Area Businesses [Blog]

The underlying goal of every business is to be seen by potential future customers in their online and mobile searches. Luckily, Google is making it easier for businesses that service a particular area to be found with updates made to Google My Business. 

Our readers were highly interested in these updates made, making our “Google My Business Has New Features for Service Area Businesses” blog post a hot topic over the past year. In the article, we tapped into each of these new features including a new set-up wizard, how to designate service areas by zip code or city, how to edit your service areas and how to bring it all together to better manage your service area businesses at scale. Read the full blog post to further benefit from these recent updates and increase the visibility of your service-area locations in local search.

Want to keep up with all the latest in local marketing? Keep up with Rio SEO’s content resources to stay in the know on the trending topics, insights, and relevant statistics related to local search. There’s even more to come in the new year so stay tuned!