What you will learn in this post:

  • Areas you may be overlooking when it comes to serving your clients’ digital presence
  • How you can partner with Rio to dominate the local search landscape for your clients
  • The importance of achieving location-level accuracy for multi-location businesses

Finding the right tech partner to manage your own local listings and local pages can mean the difference between scaling your business and maintaining the status quo. And in agency life, if you are not growing, you are dying.

As an agency, you recognize the importance of outsourcing areas of specialty to experts. When it comes to local search optimization, Rio SEO serves as an agency partner that can manage support to handle tech needs at scale.

Below are five must-have local search optimization strategies you can employ for your clients. With the help of Rio SEO, you can rest assured your agency outshines your competitors in the local search marketing services landscape.

  1. Optimize your clients’ websites for local search.

Are your clients’ homepages and local pages optimized with keywords, including metadata, for the industries they look to attract? Do you have a page for every service they offer and location? If not, you are missing opportunities to serve your clients with SEO-friendly structure and information search engines use to categorize and sort their ranking.

  1. Optimize landing pages with local keywords.

Once your client has a local page for every service and location they offer, research local keywords that will help them stand out. Using a tool like Spyfu, you can see what their competitors currently rank for and look for ways you can present better, more in-depth and SEO-friendly content to help them rank higher.

  1. Establish a dedicated technology partner as a solution for clients’ needs.

With our Open Local platform, we can help you win more business and boost visibility with key areas of service including:

  • Claim and optimize Google My Business across hundreds/thousands of locations.
  • Ensure NAP listings are accurate and consistently updated.
  • Provide deep, segmentable analytics, comprehensive reporting and actionable strategic insights

We serve as an extension of your team to ensure your clients receive the attention multi-location brands need to establish a local presence and connect with customers.

Find out how we worked with one agency to improve the brand presence and searcher experience with a search engine accuracy lift of 42%, to more than 96% here.

  1. Use reviews for local marketing.

Local reviews should be incorporated into your clients’ site content. For example, integrating reviews into your location-specific landing pages gives visitors that extra sense of social proof they need to make the next step toward a purchase. Take it a step further by ensuring each location’s page is marked up with the proper schema. This allows ratings to display on organic search results as well.

  1. Gain location-level accuracy and insights to out-perform the competition.

Location-level accuracy and insights fuel your strategy for your clients’ local ads. You can holistically optimize your clients’ local campaigns by using organic data to run local paid campaigns to fill the gaps in the marketplace.

For example, if the data in Rio’s platform shows that one of your clients’ business listings is being out-ranked on the SERP by their competitors, you can run a local SEM campaign to win that traffic back.

To do this, you’ll use Rio to identify search engine visibility weaknesses in key markets or areas. Using this trigger strategy, you will then launch or increase your ad spend only in those geographies to boost its strength. This allows you to lessen waste and achieve greater efficiency with smaller local budgets. And finally, this approach gives you confidence in location data for geo-targeting and allows you to add location extensions.

Location extensions can help consumers find your clients’ locations by showing your clients’ ads with their address, a map to the location or the distance to your clients’ business.

The first step is to complete reach out to Rio SEO today to talk about how a local audit can help you assess your clients’ presence in the local landscape. Request one today.