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Even the most recognizable, reputable organizations encounter challenges when it comes to local search marketing. Such was the case for leading beauty franchise, European Wax Center, a company dedicated to helping both men and women look and feel the most confident versions of themselves through expert waxing services. A company known for stripping away people’s troubles needed their own local challenges stripped, namely in the form of local reporting. The brand needed a technological solution to automate local listings management and a customized reporting solution, but they required more personalization and support than an out-of-the-box solution could provide.

We dove deeper into the results realized after partnering with Rio for their local listings and management needs in a recent case study. However, nothing speaks stronger to success than a satisfied customer who can attest to the changes they’ve seen. 

We spoke with Jaime Fraser, Director of Marketing Services at European Wax Center recently to give us, from her perspective, the top four takeaways of partnering with Rio SEO for their local search marketing efforts across its nearly 800 US locations. Here is what she had to say.

Expert-Level Service

Customer service is important to any business to ensure customers are getting the utmost value out of your partnership. At Rio SEO, we make the customer experience and customer service a top-notch priority, equipping every client with a dedicated support team, direct access to an account director, and the knowledge of a Google Gold Product Expert on hand. When we asked European Wax Center to describe their experience partnering with Rio SEO, they said,

“Rio SEO has proven an indispensable asset for European Wax Center, our nearly 800 franchisees, and our guests nationwide. While their powerful Local Listings and reporting software speak for itself, it’s the level of expert service provided that has driven the most exceptional gains in our franchisee marketing program.”

Customized Franchisee Reporting

Sample customized report for EWC

An out-the-box solution may work for some clients, but for others, it simply will not meet their unique needs or solve challenges they’re facing. European Wax Center franchisees needed an easy way to see and better understand their local search marketing efforts. This came in the form of four white-labeled, customized reports, delivered directly to franchisees on an ongoing, monthly basis.

These reports included:

  • Yelp Reporting 
  • GMB Reporting
  • Google Paid Ads Report
  • Local SEO Reporting

To read more about these reports, view the full case study here

Through these reports, franchisee disconnect lessened, and visibility was improved. We asked European Wax Center how they’ve benefited from the customized reporting solution created for their business.

“The customized and white-labeled Local Reporting solution Rio SEO developed for EWC provides our franchisees tangible, easy-to-understand insights into how we are supporting their local marketing efforts. It has become a critically important channel of communication between our corporate team and each local owner. This in-depth reporting is delivered monthly alongside an invitation for franchisees to connect with us for individualized support and resources.”

Quality Products

Exceptional service is key, however, it must be accompanied by quality products as well to complete the whole package. Rio SEO not only possessed the expertise to deliver a customized reporting solution for European Wax Center, but also an improvement in local listings management. Through both, corporate has been able to instill more trust in franchisees, eliminating a once noticeable gap in the ownership of local listings and GMB accounts. We asked European Wax Center how our technology has made an impact on their franchisee. 

“Over the course of our four-year relationship, Rio SEO’s team and technology have served as an extension of our own. We needed more than automation— our franchisees rightly demand customized, measurable marketing support at the local level. Rio SEO has helped us further build the trust of our franchisees with increases in online visibility, foot traffic, and revenue that our local operators can clearly see and attribute directly to our program. Their Local Listings Management technology has resulted in a 244% increase in Google impressions for our centers, which has improved brand visibility and helped drive incremental revenue.”

Noticeable Metrics

The greatest measure of success is strong metrics. Metrics provide guidance into how well a local search marketing strategy is performing and surfaces opportunities for growth. After signing with Rio SEO in 2016, European Wax Centers has clearly seen substantial progress in many different areas of their local search marketing. When asked what are some of the top statistics that showcase the impact Rio SEO has made, European Wax Center stated, 

“As of October 2019, we have achieved 99.75% franchisee participation in our local marketing program, a 28% YoY increase in our average local organic web reservation conversion rate, and a 104% higher local click-through-rate on Google to our center’s microsites. I wholeheartedly endorse Rio SEO as the local marketing solution of choice for multi-location brands looking to engage franchisees, add value to your franchise offerings, and drive business at the local level.”

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Now that you’ve gained more insight into how Rio SEO has helped elevate European Wax Center’s local search challenges, it’s time to assess your own. Are you working with the right provider? Are you happy with their level of customer service? 

If you’re on the fence about any of the above questions, we invite you to take advantage of a free local audit today to uncover where your greatest local opportunities lie. Schedule it today!

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