Social RemarketingBy Ben Straley / Vice President of Social Technologies, Rio SEO

For the last several years, many of our customers asked us a simple question. “Can I remarket to my influencers and can you find others online like them?” With the enhancements to our social remarketing capabilities we announced today, I’m thrilled to say the answer to this question comes with a resounding and unequivocal “yes.”

Social Remarketing

As of today, brands and publishers can remarket to their own influencers and target many more social “look-alikes” through the Rio SEO Social platform. As part of this expanded capability, our platform now integrates with BlueKai’s Data Management Platform to provide incredibly deep insights into our customers’ social audiences and to develop large social look-alike segments based on the specific psychographic, demographic, behavioral, and social attributes of a brand’s influencers.

This expansion dramatically increases the size of the social remarketing audiences created by our platform. In addition, brands can also reach and engage these valuable segments across the Web via consumer engagement marketing. As a result, our customers can now reach their most influential and engaged consumers. They can do this with relevant content on their websites. They can also do this in specific contexts where these look-alike consumers prove most likely to respond.

To learn more about this groundbreaking release or to schedule a demo, contact us. You can also tweet questions and comments to @bstraley or @rio_seo or for more information.