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Globally, we could have never predicted the wide-ranging business interruptions and impacts that were experienced at the onset of COVID-19. When news of the pandemic first started to circulate in late February, customers felt a vast array of emotions as fear and panic began to set in. On the business front, from store closures to adjusting hours of operation, businesses globally had to quickly alter their local marketing efforts to better communicate changes to their operations. Now, after an extended period of lockdown, we are now beginning to see stay-at-home orders lift across most states, causing local search behavior to shift once again.

In an effort to help local businesses better understand how local consumers’ search behavior has impacted key discovery and conversion actions during the lockdown, and to prepare for any future unexpected business disruptions, we recently conducted a GMB insights study. The thorough analysis and subsequent whitepaper we drafted aims to help brands can navigate local search marketing in times of crisis.

In the study, we analyzed local search data for more than 175,000 U.S. business locations over a ten-week period from February 24 through April 27, 2020. These locations were organized in six broad categories to include:

  • Business Services
  • Financial Services
  • Restaurant/Hospitality (Sit down restaurants, quick-service restaurants, hotels)
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Multi-family Residential

For each location, we tracked:

  • Clicks on a MapPack listing
  • Clicks to site
  • Clicks to call
  • Clicks for driving directions
  • Local organic search volume
  • Local search (Map Pack) views
  • Direct local search volume
  • Discovery local search volume

Based on the data we uncovered, we created a whitepaper that covers our top takeaways to better help brands recover as local marketing begins to recover. Download our whitepaper today to discover:

  • How stay-at-home orders impacted GMB metrics across the board
  • Which verticals had the biggest overall increase during stay-at-home-orders
  • Which verticals had the biggest overall decrease during stay-at-home orders
  • How essential businesses performed against non-essential businesses
  • How phase one re-openings are causing an uptick in search performance
  • Which industry came out even stronger during phase one