Global Locator Strategy: How International Brands Succeed in Local Marketing

Global Locator Strategy

Multi-location brands face unique challenges in local SEO, particularly global enterprises operating in many smaller pockets of large, diverse markets.

Today, over 52% of worldwide online traffic is mobile and according to Google, a third of mobile searches have local context.

When language, local customs, geo-political challenges, regional support and other factors are in play, how can large companies drive sales at the local level? What’s more, how can they do so while still retaining brand controls and consistency across local listings for hundreds or thousands of locations?

In the new Global Locator Strategy: Successful Local SEO on an International Scale whitepaper, we explore these issues via the exceptional local search strategy employed by an international retailer.

This particular brand’s presence spans over 20,000 employees in 7,000+ stores and authorized resellers, across 100 countries on 6 continents. In this paper, you’ll learn about the specific technologies deployed to promote the global brand while also creating discoverable, engaging opportunities for local interaction and conversion.

You’ll see how the brand expanded its local presence across markets, and how its locations are now in position to take advantage of all of the local search features available to them. Finally, we’ll take a look at the unique combination of technology and services that underpins a successful enterprise-level global SEO effort such as this.

Changing consumer behaviors mean that multi-location brands face greatest challenges—but also more lucrative opportunities—in local than ever before. Are your locations positioned for prominent placement and maximum local search visibility?

Global Locator Strategy

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