Outscore Your Local Competition in 2018 with the Google Posts Playbook

There’s a new local search tool in town, and it’s already proven a winner. Google Posts, after a period of testing and limited availability, became available to all Google My Business users in summer 2017.

This simple, short form content format makes your business listing in the SERPs richer and more compelling to consumers searching for companies like yours. You can attach a conversion action and an image to each post, which lives on with its own unique URL after the 7-day period in which it displays on your listing.

Best of all, Google Posts have the ability to boost your local search rankings. Joy Hawkins of Sterling Sky and Ben Fisher from Steady Demand published a case study recently in which they measured the impact of Google Posts on local business rankings, and the results speak for themselves. In the Big Game of local search marketing, this is a play you don’t want to miss out on.

That’s why we asked Ben to join us in creating a resource for multi-location and enterprise brands who want to tackle this innovative local marketing tactic at scale.

Do Google Posts Belong in Our Local Marketing Strategy?

There’s been a lot of chatter in the local SEO locker room about Google Posts, and you might be wondering if it’s worth getting in the game. It can be difficult to get your team of franchisees or local owners on board with a new play, and content resources are constantly stretched to the max.

In their evaluation of Google Posts, Ben and his team made two posts for two very different types of local businesses every seven days in Google My Business, from August 11, 2017, to October 1, 2017. For one company, implementing Google Posts earned them a valuable spot in the Local 3-Pack and increased their local ranking on a highly relevant non-branded term from position 7 to position 2 in just 4 days.

The other test entity saw its local rankings rise two positions and also experienced a significant increase in traffic to its website, as a result of its Google Posts strategy.

For multi-location brands and enterprises, of course, the question is, “How can we do this at scale and improve our local rankings across all locations with Google Posts?”

Ready to Get in the Game with a Winning Google Posts Strategy?

In our new 2018 Google Posts Playbook: A guide to outpacing your competitors with Google Posts, you’ll find everything you need to plan a winning Google Posts strategy and hit the ground running. While your competitors are fumbling around trying to understand the concept, you’ll be raising the local search profile of each of your locations, increasing engagement on your business listings, and empowering each of your franchisees or local owners to increase their local search rankings.

Discover innovative ways to use this unique content format to promote your local events, generate new interest in your products and services, and more. You’ll learn how to plan a Google Posts strategy you can scale, make best use of your Post image and text, and measure your efforts and ROI.

Ready to get started?

Download the 2018 Google Posts playbook here.

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