By Bill Connard / VP of Local Search

Were excited to announce the our latest press release announcing three NEW upgrades to Rio SEO Local Search Solutions 2.0™. Among them one upgrade in particular that is make huge waves around the world’s first integration of local SEO with Facebook Open Graph Search.

This first-of-its-kind upgrade with Facebook is now a key component of the Rio SEO Local Search Optimizer™ software offering. The automation tool integrates Facebook Open Graph and micro data mark-up into local website landing pages.

As a result, an individual business or retailer’s store locator landing page information (e.g., name, phone and address (NPA); map data; description content; and links to store promotions) can also appear on Facebook places pages. Concurrently, micro data mark-up is automatically injected with relevant business data and content snippets, which play a role in local SEO and organic search rankings.

This is a real game-changer for enterprise brand marketers who must support hundreds – even thousands – of individual store-fronts, franchisees, distributors, and dealers with local search and social media marketing promotions.

Our suite of hyperlocal search automation tools now gives enterprise brand marketers and local retail managers the ability to integrate their local search campaigns directly with Facebook. Now, how cool is that?

Check it out on our website, along with the other two upgrades that enable instant website changes with minimal IT support, as well as quick and easy access to customized dashboards summarizing key SEO metrics.