Ben Straley / VP of Social Search Technologies

In a recent webinar titled How to Create Brand Buzz Using Social Audience Data and Smart Segmentation and hosted by WOMMA, I highlighted the importance of creating rich brand advocate profiles. I also talked about reaching similar enthusiasts at an amplified scale. You can view and listen to a recording of the Webinar on social signals here.

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I opened the webinar with some statistics that emphasized the growing importance of establishing a strong presence in social media.  In addition to these numbers, another intriguing statistic is that “dark social,” comprised of sharing and conversation through non-browser applications like Outlook, SMS, and Skype, makes up more than 90% of all sharing and is traditionally difficult to measure. Furthermore, the scale of dark social activity lends further support to the idea that social signals are increasingly significant factors in organic search rank and SEO.

From there, I discussed the connection between engaged users and amplified brand discovery.

3 Key Factors

We have identified these three key factors to driving discovery and engagement in our own research:

Moreover, a smart strategy that integrates these key attributes will ultimately get valuable content to the target audience you desire.


The conversation then shifted to the opportunities available with first- and third-party data. This deals with when optimizing content for a specific target audience. For example, some of the highlights were:

  • With first-party data (web analytics, CRM, e-commerce and e-mail), 1% of your audience can drive 20% or more of all visits through sharing with a 2-4x greater engagement rate from these visitors.
  •  The addition of third-party data (demographics, behavioral, psychographics and social) through a Data Management Platform (DMP), such as Blue Kai enables a massive reach to a brand’s advocates and social look-alikes.

Case Study

Finally, a case study example of a major online retailer revealed the impact of marketing to your most influential brand advocates. This brand experienced 7x more cost efficiency acquiring leads compared to their standard marketing tactics.

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So, are you interested in more social insights in online customer engagement? Download our latest whitepaper, SEO + Social: The Most Effective Advertising Mix.