Google Keep Changing My Hours

Despite continuous updates and management of local listings, sometimes inaccurate information is still published on Google. Even with the regular location data updates, we push via our API, a large number of locations have “Suggested Updates” from Google. This is an increase of up to 10%, for some brands.

How is this happening?

To clarify, Google suggestions/Suggested Updates began appearing within Google My Business (GMB) in late 2015. We’ve seen these grow in volume over time with the introduction of amenities and the local guide program which is encouraging user-generated feedback. One source of inaccurate data is Local Guides, who make suggestions about locations near them rather than the business owners themselves. In addition to the feedback Local Guides provide, Google is also crawling the web for data. In some cases, these suggested changes are the result of Google finding data on an inaccurate website or directory and attempting to verify the information with you. 

How Local Guides Influence Google Listings About Your Business Locations

Google encourages Local Guides and everyday people to verify information about the world around them using its ‘Check the facts’ option in mobile Google Maps.

Local Guides

This enables Local Guides to:

  • Add reviews
  • Remove, add or share photos and videos
  • Add missing places to the map
  • Mark a location temporarily or permanently closed
  • Edit business information, including:

– Name
– Address or marker location
– Category
– Phone number, website and hours of operation

Updates suggested via “Check the facts” are not published instantly, but are reviewed by Google. As a result, you may see them popping up as “Suggested Updates.”


How Rio SEO is Combating Data Inaccuracies Created by ‘Suggested Updates’

Suggested updates are valuable when you aren’t able to publish changes in a timely manner. Our Listings Management solution and Google API provide timely, regular updates for managed brands, but unfortunately, there’s no way to opt out of the Suggested Updates when you’re keeping your data up to date.

We’ve increased the cadence at which our API pushes data updates, even if there is no change on your end or ours, in order to ensure we’re overwriting any errant suggested changes. The system rejects changes that don’t match your verified data outright.

Google’s reliance on user-generated content is certainly a help to users, as some companies simply aren’t keeping their information up to date. We’re working on behalf of our enterprise brands to ensure that your user experience doesn’t suffer in the name of improving data accessibility and accuracy for consumers.

Are you an enterprise brand being challenged by these persistent suggestions in Google Search and Google Maps? Reach out to us to learn more!