Bing Takes Lead in Local SEO

Local SEO welcomes Bing Places as the new leader in bulk local listing management for multi-location businesses. It outperforms Google Places as the easiest to use portal for distributing enhanced local business data to their local map listings. It’s been a long time coming, but Bing has caught up with the times.

Multi-Location Brands Previously Exhaust Marketing Time on Distributing Data

Bing’s new local listing bulk upload tool passes Google Plus. It also eclipses Yahoo (which still has yet to offer bulk management). It allows multi-location businesses to enhance and verify 10 or more business listings in minutes.  Bing now accepts 300% more enhanced fields of data and local business content than Google, including integral elements like social media links to Facebook and Twitter pages, products, brands carried and services.

All in One Solution Frees Up Time for Marketing Departments

Rio SEO’s new location data management system delivers a single source solution. It improves the efficiency of big brands by diminishing their time spent on distributing data to the entire local search ecosystem.  This single source solution enhances, optimizes and automates the bulk output process anywhere brands can manage local listings data through a bulk feed.

Rio SEO’s automated local SEO software offerings leverage Bing’s new bulk feed tool by integrating into templates for Bing’s bulk business listing portal. Rio SEO’s location management system now supports any bulk feed environment, including:

  • Major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Data aggregators Localeze, InfoUSA, and Acxiom
  • Internet Directories like,, etc.
  • Social platforms Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare and more

Flexible Bulk Local Listing Management System Changes when the Search Engines Change

When it comes to local SEO, Rio SEO delivers the most up to date and comprehensive local listings management platform. For example, our retail and ecommerce customers manage tens of thousands of locations. With the support our platform, they’ve enhanced their local business data to the tune of some 4,000-plus cell phone stores, 3,500 auto part stores, 500 sporting goods stores, 2,000 department stores, and 600 weight loss centers. These retailers also have peace of mind. They know that when the search engines and directories change, our platform changes right along with them.

Can’t wait to get started? If you’re a multi-location business looking for the most robust local listing management service, fill out the contact us form.

By Bill Connard, Vice President, Local Search Solutions