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Case Studies

Case Study: Pharmacy Brand Prescribed a Hyperlocal Content Strategy to Cure Local Rankings

A major pharmacy retailer sought a comprehensive local SEO strategy to increase organic and local visibility across its thousands of locations. The brand had a solid foundation of optimized landing pages and accurate local listings, and needed an extra push to gain visibility in underperforming markets. Find out how Rio SEO developed a multifaceted approach to build on the pharmacy brand’s local successes. Download the case study:

Pop-Up Retailer Drives Search Visibility, Rankings & In-Store Traffic for 1,400 Short-Season Locations

The pop-up store industry, once considered little more than a fun trend, has grown to $10 billion in annual sales and may well be the future of a large segment of retail. Brands looking to offer unique shopping experiences are using stores-within-stores, kiosks and even mobile retail units to provide shoppers an exclusive, highly specialized retail experience. Of course, this location independence creates massive location data and search ranking challenges. When time is of the essence and being found is mission critical, how do pop-up stores ensure that their locations are discoverable by Google searchers? In

Case Study: Top Steakhouse Grills the Local Competition with Streamlined Local Listings Management

A popular American steakhouse chain improved its online visibility and presence across hundreds of restaurant locations, driving 19% more click-to-calls and 47% more clicks-for-directions across the brand YOY for August 2017. See how Rio SEO’s Open Local Platform and gold standard local marketing service streamlined listings management and boosted Google Search impressions for the brand by 30% year-over-year. Download the Case Study

Hearing Device Manufacturer Boosts Local Visibility with Dealer Locator Technology

Gaining brand visibility in local search results can be a daunting task for any retailer, but brands that sell through independent dealers and retailers face an even bigger issue: trying to be found locally when you don’t own the physical location. Rio SEO, an independent software and services company dedicated to local search had just the solution in mind for a major global hearing device manufacturer and distributor with over 500 U.S. locations.