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Rio SEO and ClickZ Share Local SEO Tool Tips for Multi-Location Marketers

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In a recent webinar with Tyler Ludwig, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Rio SEO, and Colin Seymour, Director of Business Development at Rio SEO, participants learned how to do just that. Tyler and Colin explored how technology is dictating the consumer journey, what essentials are needed for a broad local presence, how to add consumer utility on your site (and why it matters), and more.

How to Update Your GMB Listing When You Move, Buy or Sell a Business

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When looking for local goods and services, consumers want to experience as little friction as possible. Utilizing Google My Business (GMB) to manage your listings helps streamline this process, bringing more eyeballs and foot traffic to your location. Fortunately, updating your listings is straightforward with GMB. To help get you started, here are the steps you should take if you are moving, buying or selling.

The Definitive Guide to Managing Online Listings for Restaurant Chains

By |2021-05-20T13:54:14-07:00April 26, 2019|Business Listings, Resources, Restaurants|

In this eBook, we outline the several components of a successful restaurant marketing campaign, primarily focusing on managing online listings and local search success. Here you will also find information on recent technology trends shaping the industry, the most prominent listing platforms, best practices for managing customer reviews, and building consumer trust. By keeping your listings fresh, responding to online reviews, and optimizing your digital presence, restaurants have a better chance at thriving in this highly competitive space.

Google My Business Has New Features for Service Area Businesses

By |2020-02-11T16:03:32-08:00February 19, 2019|Business Listings, Google My Business|

Google is making it easier for businesses that service a particular area to get found by consumers searching for services like theirs in Google Maps and Search. Developed by the SMB team, these updates in GMB also offer enterprise and multi-location brands the opportunity to increase the visibility of your service-area locations in local search. Here’s what’s new…

Guiding your Local Search Strategy to Drive Customers in 2019 [Webinar Recap]

By |2021-01-21T09:51:36-08:00January 29, 2019|Business Listings, Local SEO|

Search engine evolution, new technologies, and rapidly changing consumer behavior are driving massive changes across the local search landscape. In this webinar recap you will learn how enterprise brands can focus in on the most impactful local search tactics and strategies for their hundreds or thousands of individual locations.

Get to Know the GMB Expert Program with Gold Product Expert Krystal Taing

By |2020-01-02T13:30:05-08:00January 9, 2019|Business Listings, Google My Business|

Looking for unbiased, proven local marketing advice? The Google My Business Community Forum is a great place to connect with vetted experts like Krystal Taing, our Listings Management Product Specialist here at Rio SEO. Krystal is a Gold Product Expert in the GMB Forum, where volunteer users from all backgrounds come to ask questions or look for advice about their local marketing issues.