Anatomy of a Google My Business Listing [Infographic]

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Today, 46% of searches have local intent; that is, people near your locations looking for products and services like yours. Optimizing for local search is critically important—so much so that Google has dedicated an entire platform to help local businesses connect with consumers looking for nearby solutions for their every need.  Google My Business (GMB)

COVID-19: Changing Consumer Behavior & How It Affects Brands [Infographic]

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Who could have foreseen that a pandemic would sweep the globe, leaving many of us sick and economic turmoil at every turn? Perhaps the greatest impact of COVID-19 to date is the uncertainty it has caused at every level, from the school classroom to the board office and beyond. The Coronavirus pandemic has infiltrated virtually

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Compelling Insights That Prove the Opportunities Zero-Click Searches Present

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Do you ever check store hours, pull up a recipe, or look at a restaurant's menu—all without leaving Google? If this is the case, you’re already familiar with zero-click searches. Zero-click searches are now more prevalent than ever and have grabbed the attention of local marketers worldwide. Google’s continual efforts to enhance the search experience

6 Compelling Insights that Prove the Power of Local Search

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As searching for information becomes more accessible both on the web and with smartphones, local customers are now more empowered than ever. With local searches on the rise, mobile users can now find nearly everything they need quickly, and the closest place to get it. In fact, according to statistics recently published by Google, 2019