The Definitive Guide to Managing Online Listings for Restaurants

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In this eBook, we outline the several components of a successful restaurant marketing campaign, primarily focusing on managing online listings and local search success. Here you will also find information on recent technology trends shaping the industry, the most prominent listing platforms, best practices for managing customer reviews, and building consumer trust. By keeping your listings fresh, responding to online reviews, and optimizing your digital presence, restaurants have a better chance at thriving in this highly competitive space.

Measuring the ROI of Google Posts for Enterprise Brands: An Analysis of Over 5000 Google Posts

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How useful are Google Posts in boosting online brand promotion? To test the effectiveness of Google Posts, Rio SEO’s team created a study to track, identify, and analyze the benefits of this feature in the final quarter of 2018. The scope of the study included the analysis of 5000 Google Posts created for multi-location brands within various industries. Specific benchmarks were measured, such as website actions, total views, direct searches, phone call actions, and more.

Global Locator Strategy: How International Brands Succeed in Local Marketing

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Multi-location brands face unique challenges in local SEO, particularly global enterprises operating in many smaller pockets of large, diverse markets. Today, over 52% of worldwide online traffic is mobile and according to Google, a third of mobile searches have local context. When language, local customs, geo-political challenges, regional support and other factors are in play, how can large companies drive sales at the local level?

Online Review Trends & Their Impact on Multi-Location Businesses

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When it comes to finding information about local businesses, mobile search has become quite ubiquitous. Today, nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches have location-specific context, and 76% of people who conduct a search on their smartphone for something nearby will visit a business within one day. What’s more, they’re searching with great intent, and 28%

POV: Google Maps’ New Mall Directory Tab: What It Means for Enterprise Brands

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A new feature in Google Maps is giving malls and shopping centers the ability to showcase all of their stores and services online. A new directory tab, visible only to mobile and tablet searchers, now appears in the local panel and enables on-the-go consumers to search for speci c stores or browse by store type.

POV – Mobile Local Search – The Untapped Gold Mine for Lowest Cost Search Traffic

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Mobile marketers and multi-location businesses have before them one of the most significant marketing opportunities in recent history. Google recently announced that mobile search volume has finally overtaken desktop search not only in the United States, but in ten countries including Canada and Japan. Given the overwhelmingly local intent behind mobile searches (56% of