The Definitive Guide to Managing Online Listings for Restaurants

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In this eBook, we outline the several components of a successful restaurant marketing campaign, primarily focusing on managing online listings and local search success. Here you will also find information on recent technology trends shaping the industry, the most prominent listing platforms, best practices for managing customer reviews, and building consumer trust. By keeping your listings fresh, responding to online reviews, and optimizing your digital presence, restaurants have a better chance at thriving in this highly competitive space.

Webinar: GMB Strategy – Optimizing Your Listings and Reviews

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Webinar: Google My Business Strategy - Optimizing Your Listings and Reviews What’s Your Google My Business Strategy Optimizing Your Listings and Online Reviews? Missed our webinar? No problem. Check out this recording and learn how to optimize your Google My Business listings and reviews. Hosted by Rio SEO and Binary Fountain There’s no doubt Google

2018 GMB Timeline of Updates

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  2018 Google My Business Updates - Timeline of Features to Date We understand that enterprise businesses face unique challenges and nuances when it comes to managing Google My Business at scale. This resource includes all impactful changes to GMB that we deem relevant to enterprise businesses. Whether it’s a new attribute or an entirely

Personalized Local Content: Frightful or Insightful

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Consumers increasingly search online for local products and services, and continue to purchase at brick and mortar stores. National brands with multiple local operations, are often challenged in delivering content that is localized for both searcher and search engines, delivering an experience that is targeted, personalized and relevant. Taking advantage of

Local SEO Strategies to Capitalize on Voice Search

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According to the Local Search Association, 60% of consumers are already using voice search. National brands that market locally must adapt their SEO strategies to capture the unique intent behind voice searches. Local search marketers must ensure that their location data is clean, optimized, and accessible to these new search engine technologies. This whitepaper,

Transforming Mobile Searches into Sales The Hype Around Beacon Technology : DMD Whitepaper

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By using beacon technology, a national advertiser is able to pinpoint a consumer’s precise location in a store, serving up a highly relevant ad in response to a mobile search. For digital marketers, this is the ultimate game changer. This whitepaper explores the latest insights and tactics enterprise brands are using to convert online searches to

The Mobile Local Playbook: Make Sure You’re Mobile-Ready

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With mobile devices influencing just under $1 trillion worth of in-store sales, businesses that lag behind on mobile marketing do so at their peril. Those that embrace it, providing quality content and a seamless user experience, will position themselves ahead of the curve, adding value to their brand and a

How to Maximize Local Search Traffic This Holiday Season

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Online holiday shopping has become a retail phenomenon, with 2014 Cyber Monday sales projected to reach $2.6 billion, according to the Adobe Digital Index. With more and more consumers utilizing their mobile devices to search online for the best deals and sales offers, many marketers are optimizing their local search