Drive more in-store traffic: 4 local marketing best practices

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We’d like to introduce a new series penned by our Content Acquisition Partner Program (CAPP) members — up first: Karisa Macias, Marketing Director for Rio SEO. As consumers increasingly search online for solutions to their immediate and often local needs, the opportunity for savvy brick-and-mortar businesses has never been greater. Marketers are on to it, though; competition

Searchlove 2017: San Diego – Our Favorite Local Takeaways

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  We were lucky to join hundreds of marketers in our own backyard, at beautiful Paradise Point, for San Diego SearchLove. The two-day conference is packed with search strategies, analytics, content creation, and more. While the conference is predominantly search-focused, speakers present on a wealth of online marketing topics, from content marketing and advertising

6 Reasons to Make Optimizing Your Store Locator #1 Priority

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The way most multi-location brands use store locators is a massively missed opportunity. If you’re counting on consumers to realize it’s your brand they want, then find their way to your store locator page and pick a location, you’re leaving the vast majority of that business on the table. That outdated store locator method just

Personalized Local Content: Frightful or Insightful [Webinar]

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Search has become ubiquitous; it’s how people learn, discover the world around them, and find the best answers to their needs. “Near me” searches have doubled in the past year, and now, 50% of all searches have local intent. As increasingly time-constrained consumers are overwhelmed with options and information, it’s more important than ever that

Everything You Need to Know About Google Penguin 4.0

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Late in September, Google launched a long-awaited update to its Penguin algorithm signal, which was designed to filter spammy sites out of its search results. On September 23, the search giant announced, “We are now rolling out an update to the Penguin algorithm in all languages… Penguin is now real-time… [and] Penguin is now more

The Dirt on Google Possum: FAQs for Multi-Location Brands

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If you've noticed your Google My Business listings missing from search results this month, you're not alone. Don't worry, they're not gone for good. They're just "playing possum," hence the nickname given this Google local algorithm update by the search community. September 1, 2016, marks the day the Google Possum update first shook up the

Local SEO Strategies to Capitalize on Voice Search

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According to the Local Search Association, 60% of consumers are already using voice search. National brands that market locally must adapt their SEO strategies to capture the unique intent behind voice searches. Local search marketers must ensure that their location data is clean, optimized, and accessible to these new search engine technologies. This whitepaper,

Forrester’s Data-Driven Tips for Mobile Marketing Mastery at #LSS2016

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Marketers must stop thinking of mobile as a standalone channel, and instead they need to seize the opportunity for mobile to transform the customer experience.   That was the message Jennifer Wise, senior analyst on the marketing team at Forrester Research, brought to Rio SEO’s Local Search Summit (#LSS2016). Wise spoke early Thursday afternoon on