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In spite of the moves towards social signals in search, Google’s Matt Cutts gave a clear indication that links will remain a dominant signal for several years in a recent interview. What has clearly changed, however, is that in recent updates, links can damage you as easily as they can help you, aligning the concept of links into line with the concept of reputation. Covario, and its sister division, Rio SEO, are bringing together the technologies and tools needed to help understand this increasingly complex subject and creating actionable strategies.

Come and hear how Rio SEO’s award-winning link analysis partner, Majestic SEO, views links and how links form the basis of all online relationship measurement. Rio SEO will show how this raw data is being turned into a valuable part of the marketing arsenal for their software toolset as well as Covario’s and Majestic SEO’s clients.

Dixon Jones, Director of Marketing, Majestic SEO
Steve Beatty, Director, SEO Services, Covario
Pete Dudchenko, Senior Director, Product Management, Rio SEO