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DMD October Webinar

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Based on the latest Pigeon update, Rio SEO’s retailers saw a 20% increase in online traffic from search above last season. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to make sure your local search strategy is utilizing best practice SEO and user experience.

In this webinar Bill Connard will give you some tips and tactics to follow to insure your visitors have the best user experience.


Join our webinar to learn the following:


  • 5 essential elements for user experience success
  • The 10 on-page SEO best practices to follow
  • Reporting and KPIs that you should be measuring



Bill Connard VP Local Search Solutions, Rio SEO

 Bill Connard serves as Vice President of Local Search Solutions at Rio SEO, the award-winning local SEO automation software. Bill is a serial entrepreneur and successful business executive with many years of experience building and developing multi-location distribution channels and partnerships.




2459ea7Kippie Friedkin, Online Marketing Manager, Lane Bryant

Kippie Friedkin has extensive background in online marketing and has worked for with top companies such as Google, Inc. as a Display Specialist on their National Agency Team. Prior to Google, Kippie worked in retail doing merchandising and purchasing with large retailers such as Jo-Ann Stores, Inc., Wal-Mart and Chanel.