Can you close locations in bulk?

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Yes, but not via import. You can multi-select a group of locations that you wish to close and ‘mark as permanently closed’. From here, you can either keep or remove the locations from your account. You can always store the closed locations in a subfolder separate from active locations, to avoid publishing incorrect data.

How do I add managers to my locations in bulk?

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Only location owners can add managers. While you can add single managers in bulk, if you have different managers you want to add by location, it must be done manually (or via API). If you have a manager that you want to add to all or a set of your locations, you simply need to

Does Rio SEO offer backlink development?

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Yes, Rio SEO offers backlink development as part of our Enhanced Service offerings. Backlinks are a very heavily weighted SEO metric, so we have resources to improve backlink equity. We have a team devoted to exploring local authoritative communities related to your brand initiative. We also develop relationships with local authoritative communities, to build valuable

How do you handle global local SEO campaigns?

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Rio SEO experts ensure your listings appear on the local maps, apps, and search engines that matter in the countries you serve. We allow you to reach more customers by accurately publishing your location data to the critical search engines and directories, which can differ by country or region. Our focus is to learn and

I’m an agency. Can I partner with Rio?

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Absolutely! In fact, as a software solution that started within a local search marketing agency, you could say the agency focus is part of our DNA. We work with search agencies, full-service agencies, and consultancy groups to harness insights and maximize strategic opportunities while you maintain complete control and ownership over your data. Learn more

Do you protect your client’s data, or is it likely that it will change over time, requiring ongoing maintenance and tracking beyond set up?

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Yes, Rio SEO’s platform is always looking after your data. And that data can change for many different reasons. That’s why the Rio platform is not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Your data will always remain current and any updates made will never revert, even at the end of the program. The last submission or update will