How do you collect and manage reviews?

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We have an expansive review workflow and alert platform that allows for the collection of reviews across 3rd party sites such as Google, Facebook, and others. We take all of your location data and provide a filterable feed and response system that can be distributed by location, user, or criteria to make reviews easy and

How does Rio SEO handle review management?

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Rio SEO’s Local Reviews combines powerful tools that provide unparalleled insight into what your customers are saying about you. Harness the power of local review ratings and scorecards to manage your brand’s online reputation for all franchises and locations from a single centralized dashboard. Engage key stakeholders and stay on top of reviews that impact

What type of content can I host on my pages?

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Local Pages are completely customizable so most types of content can be hosted. Information or media is not limited by any means so social media feeds, menus, events, imagery, coupons, video, ratings, reviews, and more can be incorporated at any given time.

What is the launch and implementation process?

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Our professional implementation team will go above and beyond to ensure a seamless transition, taking the stress out of leaving an existing vendor or starting new with Rio SEO on the right foot. We create detailed project plans and timelines that make sure we meet your needs, keeping your brand search relevance high. If you’re

How do you create location specific pages?

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Rio SEO has been building Local Pages since our inception, and SEO is in our name. Our mobile-friendly pages employ SEO best practices using schema markup, optimal page speed, and deep breadcrumbing with location, city, state, and specialty pages. Our CMS allows us to help you inject offers, coupons or promotions that can be seasonal

Why are Local Pages important to my business?

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All search today is done at a hyper-local level. When a consumer is looking for goods and services via search, they will be given a response that is based on their IP address or mobile location. Local Pages help your brand compete for your products and services in those areas around your store, franchise or

Which Google My Business attributes are available to my brand?

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Google My Business has introduced a number of attributes that help your brand accurately communicate the services you have available and the health protocols you’re following in order to provide a safe shopping experience for your customers. The attributes available to your brand will depend on the primary category you’ve selected and will vary by