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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important things to be aware of when getting started with GMB bulk?2018-10-09T15:23:03-07:00

When it comes to business listings, Google is the one place you really want to focus your efforts. Four in five consumers use search engines to find local information, and the vast majority turn to Google to do it; in fact, over 92% of mobile searches conducted worldwide happen on Google.

Which fields cannot be edited in bulk?2018-10-09T15:25:37-07:00

You cannot edit store codes or map pin location/coordinates in bulk. You also can’t add or edit Google Posts via the bulk import function.

Can you apply for bulk verification for Service Area businesses?2018-10-09T15:26:23-07:00

No, Google requires that Service Area businesses are manually verified. If you have a bulk-verified account that includes brick and mortar locations but try changing a location to a service area, or add a new location that is a service area, it will revert to manual verification required.

Do you need to be bulk-verified in order to bulk upload your locations?2018-10-09T15:27:13-07:00

No, all GMB users have access to bulk import their data.

How do I add managers to my locations in bulk?2018-10-09T15:34:39-07:00

Only location owners can add managers. While you can add single managers in bulk, if you have different managers you want to add by location, it must be done manually (or via API). If you have a manager that you want to add to all or a set of your locations, you simply need to move these locations to a subfolder in GMB. This doesn’t impact any location data or verification. Once your locations are in a subfolder, edit the subfolder and ‘manage users’, adding the GMB email address of the desired manager.

Can you close locations in bulk?2018-10-09T15:44:54-07:00

Yes, but not via import. You can multi-select a group of locations that you wish to close and ‘mark as permanently closed’. From here, you can either keep or remove the locations from your account. You can always store the closed locations in a subfolder separate from active locations, to avoid publishing incorrect data.

How does the new Google My Business Agency Dashboard impact me and my business?2018-06-14T09:31:45-07:00

Last week, Google officially launched the new Agency Dashboard. The impact it could have on your agency or business depends on how you had previously set up and managed businesses within GMB. Whether you were managing individual locations or bulk verified and chain accounts is also a factor.

For agencies managing individual locations and SMB brands, the new dashboard offers an easier way for you to see and group all of your locations and claims together, making managing invites and user access simpler.

As a company that solely manages enterprise brand accounts, the new layout may look cleaner but does not offer any improved utility when compared to GMB Classic. Luckily, due to Google’s API requirements, we’ve already worked through a lot of headaches many others are experiencing in moving to the new dashboard.

We’ve summarized some of the new dashboard’s benefits and areas of improvement, from the perspective of agencies that manage enterprise brands.  

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What is full service?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

“Set it and forget it” digital marketing tools that don’t work together won’t help you achieve local visibility. Rio SEO’s comprehensive suite of expert driven services and customized solutions is designed to meet all of your digital marketing needs. From robust reporting to content creation, whether you seek an expert full service or convenient self-service solution, we’ve got you covered!

What is Rio SEO’s Open Local Platform?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

The Open Local Platform is an advanced, local-centric Content Management System comprised of local marketing products built for optimal local content creation, management and reporting. This scalable suite of local marketing tools syndicates critical local data, from a single dashboard, and publishes it to over 420 directories, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and more. Built and supported by local search experts, Rio’s Open Local Platform takes into account consumer context, relevance and intent, to nurture your prospects through the online to offline funnel, from search to sale.

What happens if my store locations’ hours are wrong?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

We’ve got you covered. A support specialist will update your hours in our centralized CMS system. Changes to the API will be updated in near real time, or via ad hoc updates from our team of experts–and of course, you have the ability to do it yourself, if you so desire.

How many hours of support do we get?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

There’s no limit to our support. Each client is assigned a dedicated account rep and given access to our listing management and support team. Expert service is just another perk within our full-service offering.

I don’t have brick and mortar locations – can I still work with Rio SEO?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

Absolutely! As industry leaders for over ten years, we know “local search” isn’t limited to brick-and-mortar alone. Customers including many of Rio SEO’ service-based businesses benefit from our ‘dealer locators’ and ‘service area locators.’ We provide digital knowledge management and industry leading technology for all your local marketing needs.

How do you handle global local SEO campaigns?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

Rio SEO experts ensure your listings appear on the local maps, apps, and search engines that matter in the countries you serve. We allow you to reach more customers by accurately publishing your location data to over 420 directories in over 50 countries.

Are the local listings in the brand name? Who owns the data?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

We believe in providing enterprise brands true ownership of your location data, which is why our clients own 100% of their data. Your key stakeholders have full access everywhere the account is claimed in the brands name; we simply manage on your behalf. Gain peace of mind in knowing that you retain your listings should you terminate your service with us.

I don’t have all the location data. How do I get started?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

Ideally, we want to start with a full data set, but we understand how challenging obtaining that critical data can be. The process to get started varies depending on the length of time required for obtaining location data. No matter how good, bad, or ugly the state and size of your location data, Rio SEO experts are here to help.

I’m an agency. Can I partner with Rio?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

Absolutely! In fact, as a software solution that started within a local search marketing agency, you could say the agency focus is part of our DNA. We work with search agencies, full service agencies and consultancy groups to harness insights and maximize on strategic opportunities while you maintain complete control and ownership over your data.

How does Rio SEO handle review management?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

Rio SEO’s Local Social combines powerful tools that provide unparalleled insight into what your customers are saying about you. Harness the power of local review ranking and scorecards for all franchises and locations from a single centralized dashboard. Engage key stakeholders and stay on top of reviews that impact your business, with customized email alerts of critical review and rating information.

Does Rio SEO offer backlinks development?2018-06-13T16:11:29-07:00

Backlinks are a very heavily weighted SEO metric, so we have resources to improve backlink equity. We have a team devoted to exploring local authoritative communities related to your brand initiative. We also develop relationships with local authoritative communities, to build valuable backlinks that improve your locator’s SEO value and search engine rank positioning.

How Did the GMB Search Insights Update Impact My Business?2018-09-18T12:47:41-07:00

On August 13th, Google My Business (GMB) confirmed a change to search Insights reporting, which will now include rich results that pull information from your business page.

For enterprise brands with hundreds or thousands of locations, these results often show for specific branded queries such as [brand + address or city + ‘hours’] or [brand + address or city + ‘phone’].

Example query

How was your business affected?

Results may vary based on the industry you operate within. If you have a single or just a few locations, you may not see any measurable impact.

However, the multi-location brands that we manage are showing an average of 30.3% increase in searches impressions for branded terms, as reported by GMB in the week following this update. In general, less than 1% of our brands are seeing no increase at all.

Breakdown by industry:

These types of results have been served by Google for a while but until this update, were not included in the Insights reporting. Depending on the query type, there was an option to click-to-call or click to the GMB listing for additional detail, but this top-level insight was never recorded.

Now, Google has unlocked this data to give you a more accurate picture of the total impressions for your locations for non-branded terms.

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