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Banking on Mobile

Consumers who use mobile banking apps frequently are 40% percent less likely to switch banks. When one of the top three largest banks in the nation wanted to improve their customer’s mobile experience they sought Rio SEO’s expertise. The Rio SEO Open Local Platform serves as the central hub of their app location services with a seamless API integration into their mobile app. By providing their customers instant access to accurate local data they need, the bank saw an increase in app data usage climbing 48% from 2015 to 2016.



Branching Out

Financial service institutions rank highest in website conversion rates than any other industry, yet customer retention and loyalty remains at the top of marketing priorities. Every branch is a critical service point for customers, which prompted the largest regional banks serving New England to seek a comprehensive strategy focused on driving data accuracy and ranking results This financial services provider utilized Local Listings for citation accuracy across the entire search ecosystem, and Local Pages to integrate a redesigned branch locator. They successfully optimized results in heavily saturated metro markets resulting in 97% citation accuracy and increased first-page presence from 7% to an amazing 95%.

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