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In the first part of this two-part guide, we discussed the importance of Google My Business optimization for multi-location organizations. Developing a proper GMB strategy for your clients will improve their online local visibility, search rankings, website clicks and foot traffic. But what does a strong GMB strategy look like at the ground level? And, what actionable steps can agencies take to boost their client’s GMB presence and local SEO performance overall?

In part II of our guide to GMB for agencies, we deliver a step-by-step process for cultivating, managing, and optimizing GMB listings for your clients. From claiming your clients’ many local listings to tracking the results, we have you and your clients covered.

Five Key Steps for a Powerful GMB Strategy

The five major steps we cover in this guide may seem easy to execute at first glance, but deploying a strong GMB strategy for multi-location brands requires a great deal of coordination, integrated processes, and flexibility. These steps are:

  • Bulk claiming and verifying listings for each of a clients’ locations
  • Confirming the accuracy of essential information of each listing (i.e. name, address, and phone number) and making necessary corrections
  • Identifying and eliminating any duplicate/defunct location listings
  • Optimizing clients’ store locator pages and developing optimized local pages for each location
  • Continually monitoring and adjusting your strategies to respond to Google’s latest updates and features

In short, agencies must find ways to efficiently create and update their client’s several local GMB listings while ensuring that each location is specifically optimized for its region. Some information can be applied in bulk to every listing, while other details must be approached on a location by location basis. Beyond this, agencies must also keep track of their GMB strategy’s performance using Google Insights and outsourced reporting solutions that deliver a detailed view of a client’s local online marketing metrics, engagement and conversions, search rankings, and more.

Check Out Part II of Our Guide to GMB for Agencies

For enterprise brands to thrive in their local markets, they require a competent, dynamic, and software-driven GMB strategy. For a more detailed exploration of the five steps mentioned above, download our free ebook, “Rio’s Guide to GMB for Agencies Part II: A Step-By-Step Guide” today. Inside you will discover tangible methods for achieving each step to serve your clients to the fullest extent.

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