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National holidays provide major opportunities for businesses across multiple industries to increase sales and foot traffic. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, restaurants, flower shops, luxury service providers, and department stores will all see a bump as families celebrate their mothers. If you are in charge of marketing for a multi-location restaurant brand, you must do everything you can do to boost the visibility of all your locations while enticing consumers to dine there for brunch or dinner by maximizing your Mother’s Day local search efforts.

The earlier you get started in maximizing local search traffic, the better. After all, many people make reservations early to secure a table. Here are some of the best ways to increase your local search traffic to bring more people into your restaurant this Mother’s Day.

Optimize Your Google My Business Listings

Utilizing Google My Business (GMB) Listings is an effective way to provide users with concise information on your brand, including your name, address, phone number, and operating hours. Enterprise brands with multiple locations must always keep GMB local listings accurate and up to date. Maintaining accurate GMB listings will help users easily find you in local searches and reach you via phone without any problems.

Holidays, such as Mother’s Day, may affect your business hours across all or some locations. People looking for places to dine on Mother’s Day will expect timely, accurate information regarding holiday hours and other temporary changes. Your local listings partner can help you manage any specific, time-sensitive GMB updates for every relevant location.

In addition to providing listing information, Google My Business also allows you to highlight special products or services you may offer on holidays. Flower shops might offer a discount on Mother’s Day bouquets, for instance. Your restaurant might feature a special Mother’s Day brunch or dinner menu that consumers will want to see before making a reservation. Not only will these special GMB products and services help users learn accurate information about your brand for a given holiday, they will also encourage them to visit your location.

Utilize Google Posts

Google Posts are useful tools that work in tandem with Google My Business listings. They operate similarly to social media posts and local ads, allowing you to create temporary, specified content that will rank highly alongside your GMB listings. These posts can greatly benefit a brand’s local SEO, especially near a holiday.

More specifically, a Google Post, which has its own URL, can be up to 1,500 characters, include a single image, and link to your brand’s website or relevant landing page for seven days. The brevity and specificity of these posts make them optimal for promoting holiday offers via local search.

For example, you may create a Google Post regarding your restaurant’s special Mother’s Day meal offer one week before the holiday. Or, if you want to secure early reservations, you could create a Google Post that incentivizes customers to lock in brunch plans a few weeks early and link to the location’s phone number or local landing page.

Employ Event Pages

Conducting and promoting events are great ways for businesses to increase digital visibility and foot traffic. Holidays are no exception. Unlike brand-specific events, however, holidays see widespread, cultural participation. This means many consumers will actively seek things to do near them to celebrate with others. While this results in greater competition between brands, it also provides them with strong opportunities to leverage local SEO.

Rio SEO’s Event Pages target specific marketing initiatives that boost brand engagement and local search visibility. The key features of these pages include:

  • Theme-driven page templates for events, menus, services, etc.
  • Embeds in current site
  • Offers and promotions functionality
  • Centralized brand events and promotions listings
  • Appointment scheduling and calendar integration
  • Schema SEO markup
  • Enhanced UX
  • Integrated social sharing
  • Optimized location finder

By taking advantage of these Event Page features, enterprise brands meet consumers during their decision-making process, especially during a holiday and other cultural events, and allow them to easily make a reservation, learn more about the business, and/or share information with family and friends. Use Rio SEO’s Event Pages to reach more users as they search for gifts and restaurants leading up to Mother’s Day.

Make Mother’s Day and Every Holiday Count

Holidays like Mother’s Day provide challenges and opportunities for enterprise brands as you try to engage your local markets and maximize local search traffic. By maintaining accurate Google My Business Listings, creating engaging content via Google Posts, and investing in unique Event Pages, your brand can reach the top of local searches this springtime holiday season and beyond.

To see how one multi-location brand like yours is engaging and converting local consumers, download the case study: “Top Steakhouse Grills the Local Competition with Streamlined Local Listings Management” today.