Who could have foreseen that a pandemic would sweep the globe, leaving many of us sick and economic turmoil at every turn? Perhaps the greatest impact of COVID-19 to date is the uncertainty it has caused at every level, from the school classroom to the board office and beyond. The Coronavirus pandemic has infiltrated virtually every aspect of our lives, drastically changing consumer behavior and now, we’re getting an early look at exactly what that means for consumers and the brands who serve them.

New research reports and survey results from Ipsos, Binary Fountain, Nielsen, Forrester, and others are giving us at least a cursory understanding of how consumer behavior is changing in light of COVID-19. 

We’re seeing a massive spike in media consumption as consumers seek not only to be informed and entertained but to adapt to entirely new homeschooling and remote work routines.

 Consumers are understandably concerned about their health, finances, and access to food supplies—and they are looking to brands for guidance.

These early insights do not give us all of the answers. However, they do point to several important areas of focus for brands. Agility and responsiveness are more than marketing buzzwords; they are necessities as businesses pivot in response to dramatic shifts in supply and demand. 

The following infographic offers an initial high-level view of how COVID-19 is impacting consumer behavior, from shopping trends to current mindset and beyond. You’ll also find expert tips to help put these insights to work for your brand, to help you quickly adapt and prepare for a post-pandemic business environment that may be forever changed.

How Real-World & Online Consumer Behavior is Changing—and What Brands Can Do About It

Shelter-in-place requirements and the devastation of a global pandemic have transformed the economy almost without exception. Learn how to respond to stand out locally and be a hero for your customers in their time of need.

Consumer's primary concerns

Consumer's behavior online

Consumers want to hear from brands

How can your brand adapt to COVID-19-affected consumer behavior and prepare for post-pandemic local marketing success?

  • Adapt your hours or operations where possible to better serve vulnerable segments of your customer base. Communicate these updates on your website, across all directories and social networks, and on business listings and citations.

  • Help alleviate stress and feelings of isolation by offering live online gatherings hosted by experienced customer experience (CX) managers.

  • A live virtual event can provide much-needed distraction and information while helping the brand capture and retain consumer interest.

  • Brands that haven’t yet introduced video into their social media marketing may find now a great time to start. Viewership is up during traditional “working hours” meaning new audiences can be targeted with high-value video content.

  • Target each demographic with unique messaging and tailor the content to the platform.

  • Deliver useful tools to help customers adjust to the new business as usual, whether by way of new e-commerce or buy-online-pick-up-curbside options, free order packing or delivery, etc.

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