Global Search Engine Optimization Technology Leaders Enter into Strategic Relationship Focused on International Link Analytics and Link Building

Global search engine optimization technology leaders Rio SEO and Majestic SEO announced a strategic relationship here at the SES (Search Engine Strategies) conference, which encompasses data licensing and technology integration aimed to deliver innovative, international link analytics and link building technologies to global advertisers, as well as digital agencies that execute effective SEO and content marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients.

Majestic SEO’s database has been integrated and utilized for more than six months as part of the Covario Organic Search Insight™ SEO auditing and reporting software solution.  The database is now part of the recently spun out Rio SEO software suite of SEO automation tools.  Rio SEO has integrated the Majestic “fresh index” into its Rio SEO Search Analytics™ and new Rio SEO Change Tracker™ tools.

Rio SEO Search Analytics is a patented software solution for SEO auditing, reporting, and making prioritized recommendations for search marketers.  Rio SEO Change Tracker is the latest software tool designed to help SEO practitioners quickly recognize, track root causes, and fix various SEO problems – often caused by the inadvertent actions by others in a distributed organization – before they become major issues for search engine optimization.