Gone are the days when your SEO software simply tracked a website’s rankings. The best solutions on the market today do far more – tapping into social APIs and supporting their clients’ local initiatives as well.

Rio SEO, for example, just announced a partnership with Neustar that will enable companies to set up and manage local business listings through the Localeze search platform.

“Integrating with Neustar’ s API (Application Programming Interface) for local business listing management gives our customers a competitive advantage with the ability to not only verify, but optimize and update their local business data in real time,” said Bill Connard, vice president for local search solutions at Rio SEO.

The Localeze service will include the local business listings of Rio SEO local search customers, providing them with more than 150 mapping, apps, social, and search engine partners to display those listings in their search results.

“Clients subscribing to this service can easily see how their business information is indexed in Neustar’s system and update that data on the fly. This ensures that brands with any number of locations are communicating the most updated, enhanced information possible to Neustar’s distribution channel with a click of a button.”

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