The ability for B2B marketers to reach key influencers via social channels can extend their reach dramatically. A RIO SEO and BlueKai integration seeks to expand B2B marketers’ options when it comes to getting the word out about their products to those influencers.

The companies said B2B marketers will now be able to see exactly who the influencers are for their brand and create better influencer profiles, as well as create “look-alikes” or build larger audiences from smaller audiences to improve a brand’s social reach and customer targeting ability.

At BlueKai our mantra is, ‘Use what you know to power what you do,’ and our partnership with Rio SEO empowers marketers to achieve this,” said Cory Treffiletti, senior VP of marketing at BlueKai, in a blog post. “In a nutshell, we are enabling marketers to use what they know about their social influencers to inform their ad targeting and messaging strategies to drive higher marketing ROI.”

The integration also lets B2B marketers deploy RIO SEO’s Tag and Trace script for websites, landing pages and rich media players. The tool lets marketers target influencers who are already sharing and posting content about their brand.

In addition, once a brand launches a digital marketing campaign or a social look-alike program, it can use RIO SEO’s Social Analyze to measure the effectiveness of that campaign by spotlighting how ads are performing, how many shares and posts content is receiving and results on earned media.

Originally posted at FierceCMO: RIO SEO, BlueKai integration targets brands’ social influencers – FierceCMO