Social media marketing is an important aspect for any company these days. Since most people use social media platforms, a strong footprint in this platform is essential for any company looking to succeed online.

Allowing online marketers to advertise directly to their influencers, Rio SEO, a provider of SEO automation and social media marketing technology, has expanded its social remarketing solution. According to the company, the solution is now combined with the BlueKai Data Management Platform (DMP).

The company offers influencer remarketing and social look-alike targeting with these expanded offerings. With this, advertisers can provide relevant content and advertising on PCs, tablets, and smartphones and can reach their most engaged customers. This, in turn, helps generate more comprehensive profiles on brand influencers.

Rio SEO also makes use of Tag and Trace script on brand websites, landing pages and rich media players. This will help advertisers to influence those who are already sharing their content and reach prospective customers who have certain predefined behaviors.

Rio SEO helps brands to devise targeted advertising strategy, which helps reach target customers easily and effectively. Advertisers can devise exclusive content and special rewards for these customers and attract them easily.

“The audience identified by the Social Advertise platform is the one most likely to share brand content with friends, family and colleagues, and to amplify the effectiveness of digital advertising,” said Ben Straley, vice president of social technologies at Rio SEO. “Integrating our influencer remarketing capabilities with Blue Kai’s DMP helps smart digital marketers learn much more about their influencers, remarket to them, and identify many more social look-alikes in the process.”

Recently, the company was chosen by Health Testing Centers to enhance its mobile and local search with local SEO and social media visibility. The company selected Rio SEO’s Location Finder Software to achieve this purpose.

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