63% of marketers don’t have a documented content strategy. This overview of the types of content & experience platforms available is a first step toward changing that.

percent of companies that have a formalized content strategy

The world of content and experience is a diverse one for marketers, and there have never been more options to publish high-quality content that converts. This is one of the most engaging ways to interact with consumers. And 72% of marketers have reported that content marketing has quantifiably improved prospect engagement.

Content marketing platforms give marketers the ability to not only create content, but measure the performance of that content. This data can then be used to refine future marketing campaigns and increase lead generation in tandem. Content marketing is a great strategy for lead generation, but it remains underutilized as a marketing tactic. In fact, recent surveys have shown that as many as 63% of marketers don’t even have a documented content strategy.

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