Retailers have an array of digital marketing tactics at their disposal: email, SEO, local search, PPC, display ads, social media, etc. These are frequently combined with traditional marketing tactics such as print, direct mail and trade shows.

marketing-strategy It’s important to select the right media mix to drive profits, and that’s why I want to review some of the latest digital marketing trends and their impact on retail success.

A number of research studies over the years have reported search engine marketing is the most frequently used digital marketing strategy because of its effectiveness for direct response as well as branding.

While SEO is cost-effective and long lasting, PPC brings traffic and conversions.

However, the new/old kid on the block is local search, which now gets more shelf space in Google results than ever before.

Any retailer with well-placed local rankings can get more clicks, as indicated from the review of local-mobile search trends below.

Local-Mobile Search Trends

The 5th Annual 15miles/Localeze Local Search Usage Study Conducted by comScore found six major trends in local and mobile search that retailers can use to improve business. Below is a review of these trends and how they can impact your local search marketing strategy.

Local Search Growth

Over the last five years, local portal searches (Google-Yahoo-Bing) increased 144 percent and other local searches increased 210 percent, while the number of searches on Internet Yellow Pages decreased 32 percent.

The local search category continues to grow as consumers refine the way they explore and select businesses in their local shopping areas.



Meanwhile, the number of consumers with smartphones and tablets also increased dramatically, with 55 percent YOY growth over the past two years.

The local-mobile revolution has created new user search behavior as consumers search and find local businesses for shopping, dining and entertainment while making purchases anytime/anywhere.


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