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Reporting for rankings, citations, and reviews in a single dashboard.

Measuring local brand performance has become one of the most challenging issues facing marketers today. As the number of ways consumers interact with your brand increase exponentially, it’s been increasingly difficult to track results. Until now.

Local Reporting gives you complete visibility into the brand interactions driving customers to your doorstep. Rio SEO Local Reporting closes the loop, giving you a holistic view of your customer’s journey from search to sale.

Gain the insight necessary to take your local strategy to the next level.

Track and evaluate your ROI.

Easily discover the true impact of local search with key insights in to your local marketing objectives
through organic search and local via listings management.

Yelp Knowledge

Measure the complete impact of your Yelp presence, across hundreds or thousands of locations.

Yelp Knowledge consolidates all of your review data to an enterprise level for corporate reporting. Yelp Knowledge provides dynamic ROI analysis, measuring the effectiveness and detail of your brand on Yelp and your customers’ engagement with your location information.

Yelp Knowledge Partner by Rio SEO

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Enterprise brands, our expertise – better together.

We know the growing demands of an enterprise brand and the ever-evolving needs of your customers. We also know no two business, locations, or consumers are alike. That’s why at Rio SEO you’re more than just a number. And we’re more than just our technology. We’re an agile extension of your team, with solutions at scale like no other.

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