Following up on a post I did for WOMMA, it’s no surprise that I continue to see headlines about big data without much effort. It seems big data is the answer for everything. It can predict musical superstars and help your HR efforts. Additionally, it can even help you win a presidential election.

Here are a couple of recent headlines. These have a bit more relevance to us folk in the advertising and marketing industries:

Whether in an e-newsletter, or using marketing and advertising industry wide news curators, the topic of big data continues to be a hot trend.

The industry does its best to adapt and manage Social Media elements into the customer engagement marketing mix. It redefines it wholly on some levels. It also struggles with Mobile in a similar vein. While this happens, it would be wise to embrace the concept of big data and use its expansiveness to your advantage. As Bruce Berger, a University of Alabama Advertising and PR professor says in a recent PRWeek blog post:

Learn everything possible about big data and the related issue of analytics…. Begin a love affair with numbers.

The sheer volume, granularity and the speed at which it’s all getting processed continues to take marketing and advertising to a whole new world. Or perhaps it’s the same world, but we’re just looking at it from a whole new perspective. We’ve just taken the red pill and we’re in the process of following Laurence Fishburne into The Matrix.

Interested in how Rio SEO utilizes big data?

If we’re talking about content and big data, (because Content Marketing is pretty important these days too) our recent efforts integrating our Local SEO product with Facebook’s Open Graph facilitate content creation, distribution, and analysis of the rich data captured on a hyper-local level. And if we’re talking about big data related to social sharing activity surrounding your content? Our Social Media Suite enables you to collect and analyze your visitors’ engagement with your site’s content and sharing activity to gauge virality.

By Thomas Kim / Product Manager, Rio SEO