Last week, I spoke about the need for retailers and multi-location businesses to implement automated local search tools. This happened on the webinar, Women’s Fashion Retailer, charming charlie Increased Online Traffic by 250% sponsored by Rio SEO in cooperation with ClickZ Academy. Host Rand Schulman, digital marketing pioneer and executive, and one of our clients, Kim LaFleur, VP of e-commerce at charming charlie, spoke to their local and mobile search engine visibility success story.

Rio SEO Local Search engine visibility softwareRand started the webinar with some intriguing statistics regarding local search engine visibility. He shared that, sources such as Google and Comscore state that 70% of online searches are local. Search engines have enabled the use of geo-tracking, thus creating search results that are personalized to the individual. Rand also discussed how social recommendations are a new key development that impacts local search results.

Kim then explained charming charlie’s tremendous lifts in local and mobile search engine visibility through the implementation of Rio SEO Local Search Solutions™. The retailer plans to expand to 800 stores within the next five years. This makes it essential that her current web team have technology to automate the process of managing local business information and building of local store landing pages.

Client results included:

  • 250% increase in website traffic year-over-year

  • 5x growth in first page search results within 90 days (on-average)

  • 55% of traffic coming from mobile devices and tablets

  • 75% of this mobile traffic is from new customers!

  • 50% reduction in time spent creating local store landing pages

Also, Kim mentions that for the first time, their local stores now have the ability to update content in real time. This happens on a local level, whether it is the local content, promotions or special operating hours. This in turn creates greater customer engagement, which wasn’t previously possible.

Kim wrapped up the discussion by stating she strongly believes partnering with Rio SEO to optimize their stores for local search engine visibility was a critical step in preparing for their e-commerce site launching later this year.

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By Bill Connard / VP of Local Search