Ben Straley / VP of Social Technologies, Rio SEO

We recently published a whitepaper confirming that the connections between search and social are clearly growing stronger.  As people engage with and share content more frequently, these actions and the embedded back links they include are sending signals to the search engines.  These signals are seen by the search engines as key inputs into their ranking processes and algorithms.  Furthermore, as search results become more and more personalized, the impact that content sharing and social signals have on rankings will only become more significant.

In response to this trend, advertisers and publishers are eager to understand its impact and how they can adapt their content and promotion strategies to ensure that their content is “smart enough” to get found, friended, followed, and forwarded.

Below are some key stats and insights from the whitepaper based on Rio SEO proprietary data and secondary research that will enable brands to get out in front of this major trend.

  • Videos have 10 times the average share rate
  • User generated content (UGC) has 10 times the average share rate
  • Infographics earn six times the average share rate
  • Promotions/contests experience four times the average share rate
  • “Dark social” makes up more than 90 percent of all consumer online sharing
  • Marketers who aren’t tapping into dark social signals to improve SEO are ignoring more than 90 percent of the traffic that could positively influence their brands’ natural search rankings

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