By Rachel Ullstrom / Social Account Director, Rio SEO

Social media platform Pinterest has launched a new and fascinating personalization and search functionality called “explore.” With one click, users can access a personalized dashboard based on frequent pins, tags and searches.  Users surface content in a new and meaningful way. Pinterest explained it briefly as the following:

Pinterest’s interface has already offered search and category options to sift through content. It also offers a ‘follow’ homepage that shows pins from those individuals and boards you follow. Take all that follow, search, and categorization data one step further. This serves up new content related to things you already have a propensity to consume. This experience offers a level of personalization with a single click.

pinterest explore uiAn interest based approach, rather than traditional community focused interface, is a bold move and certainly one that will likely increase individual engagement and use. We wait for this to play out and see the long-term effects of this functionality. But meanwhile brands should be sure to include rich descriptions and relevant tags for all their pins. They should also categorize all boards to ensure they appear. As users begin testing this new feature more frequently we look forward to sharing metrics and lift from social sharing using our Social Analyze software.

*For brands currently using our Social Analyze product and Pinterest share tool, we will continue to track all return traffic from these pins to your page. This is so we can monitor the impact in aggregate. Your account director can also provide support on tagging and trending topics to help customize pin text to fit this enhancement.

Below is a snapshot of what this looks like.

pinterest social interest