Beacon marketing is all the rage, and why not? A national advertiser can pinpoint a consumer’s precise location inside one of their retail stores. Then they can serve up a highly relevant ad in response to their mobile searches. How fantastic is that?

Oh yes, beacons have generated a lot of hype — especially for a technology that is essentially just another piece of plastic. However, those who have a solid online-to-offline consumer engagement marketing strategy in place can win with it.

On Tuesday, October 27th, our Chief Customer Officer Warren Raisch and the Local Search Association’s Greg Sterling are participating in a webinar to share with marketers the latest insights and tactics enterprise brands are using. In it you’ll learn how to unleash the power of beacons. From converting online searches to offline sales, to how brands are using location-based technology to master the mobile sphere, Rio SEO’s Transforming Mobile Searches Into Sales webinar dives deep into beacon strategy that enterprise marketers can’t afford to miss.

The Hype Around Beacon Marketing and Technology

Beacon first-adopters have found them to be a double-edged sword. The potential for meaningful, compelling interactions between brands and their in-store consumers is great. However, beacons do have the potential to disrupt in-store shoppers. The last thing you want is a technology to take consumers away from the task at hand: finding an item to buy in your store.

Adoption has proven challenging enough, given that the first steps of app installation, opt-in aad blocker beacon marketingnd enabling Bluetooth are often stumbling blocks. If your messaging or offers aren’t on-point after you’ve successfully enticed a consumer into the technology, your beacon strategy will fail.

In this webinar, mobile-local experts Raisch and Sterling will discuss how the experience of using a mobile wallet makes consumers more likely to buy, and how brands can facilitate the process. They’ll have a look at the impact of Apple’s iOS 9 release on mobile ad blocking, and what this means for enterprise-level marketers.

It’s increasingly critical that brands are ready for their customers’ mobile moments of need — Raisch and Sterling will share insights to help you help them, right when it counts the most.

Beacons and the Mobile Path to Purchase

These insights are needed now more than ever. Consumers increasingly use mobile devices for search. The mobile path to purchase isn’t nearly as linear or predictable as it was on desktop. In fact, there are hundreds of devices, channels and touch points. Each may lead a consumer to that point at which they’re in your store, open to location-based messaging.

Open Local Platform beacon marketing

As part of their Mobile Path to Purchase study, Google and Nielsen discovered that:

  • Consumers spend an average of 15 hours per week researching on mobile.
  • Search is more popular than branded mobile sites or apps as a starting point for research.
  • Mobile searchers have highly local intent. 69% indicate they expect the businesses in their results to be within 5 miles of their current location.
  • Over half of consumers want to make a purchase within the hour.
  • 93% of these mobile searchers go on to make a purchase, most often in physical stores.


Transform Mobile Searches to Sales with Rio SEO & Local Search Association

In the Transforming Mobile Searches Into Sales webinar, Raisch and Sterling will share tips and tactics to help brand marketers be present in the mobile moments that matter. Attendees will gain a solid understanding of the current opportunities in beacon marketing, as well as:

  • Insight into the mobile path to purchase,
  • Tips for being present and relevant in motivated mobile consumers’ moments of need,
  • An increased awareness of the challenges around mobile ad blocking,
  • And actionable takeaways on crafting a successful online-to-offline strategy, using real brand examples.

Register for Rio SEO’s Transforming Mobile Searches Into Sales webinar today for more consumer engagement marketing tips!

Author Bio:

Karisa Macias has extensive expertise in local search, digital marketing, and technology.