Search and digital marketing has evolved. With the evolution, it increasingly aids consumers in finding real-world products and locations. Clearly, a more sophisticated approach to identifying search-to-in-store-sales is needed now.

Consumers are more mobile-focused than ever. For example, smartphones dominate, accounting for 60% of our digital media time. Likewise, earlier this year we also learned that more than 50% of Google searches now come from mobile. This holds true in established markets like the U.S.

To take the next step, brands need to think beyond just the beacon or web experience. Specifically, they need to gain insight into the online to offline conversion funnel. Rio SEO now brings a diverse solution through its Open Local Platform. This takes into account consumer context, relevance, and intent with rich insights and actionable digital analytics at every level of the sales cycle. The key? Its new Search to Sales™ module.

How Consumers Interact with Brands Outside the Web

Shoppers use a variety of technologies to get to your store. Don’t pigeonhole your digital marketing strategy into one solution or close yourself off from opportunities to better reach your customer.

Marketers and brands have myriad opportunities to engage in customer engagement marketing outside of the web experience, including:

  • trying to tie online search visits to actual in-store foot traffic;
  • bridging the gap with apps, as consumers are now spending more time in-app than online;
  • integrating the mobile wallet to interact with consumers at the device level;
  • offering immersive local experiences, as local is simply how consumers want to access data where and when they need it;
  • employing beacons

Apps seemed to hold great promise just a few years ago. However, they’ve largely failed to live up to the hype. Chances are, your customers simply won’t download your app, despite 85% of their smartphone time being spent in apps, as most of that time (62%) is spent in communications and media apps.

Increasingly, consumers are switching from branded apps to platforms, as they seek to reduce the complexity of their smartphone and digital tasks, as this illustration from a recent Forrester Research report indicates:

forrester app


With so many potential touchpoints, how can brands move beyond the beacon or web experience alone? Moreover, how can they gain critical insight into the online to offline conversion funnel instead?

Target Consumers at Every Level — It IS Possible

This full-circle mobile connected experience is no longer the wave of the future. An opportunity exists right now for savvy multi-location brands and retailers to drive greater ROI from search to sale.

Open Local Platform2

Clearly, Rio SEO’s Open Local Platform bridges the gap from online to offline through cross-channel attribution, from digital marketing data analytics and offline consumer metrics, to show the true ROI of your investment in local search marketing.

The Open Platform Approach & Benefits for Multi-Location Brands

Rio SEO’s Open Local Platform serves as your central point for the collection, optimization and distribution of local business information across search, social and mobile. This informational hub also gives valuable insight into how each of your various channels contributes from search to sale, from search to engagement to conversion.

Multi-location brands can engage in specific elements, all tied together through rich digital analytics and user signals.

Consequently, the Open Local Platform approach marries consumer behavior to local intent, empowering retailers to tap into beacons and other emerging technology in a strategic, compelling way.

For example, Search to Sale™ encompasses your multi-location brands by incorporating:

  • digital presence from optimized store locators and landing pages for desktop and mobile;
  • rich sharing analytics to discover your brand’s greatest content influencers–those that drive conversions and spread your brand message;
  • up-to-date and accurate local business data, from our platform to your mobile app through an API integration;
  • online to offline measurement through our partnership with Verve, which closes the loop on how searches convert to sales and in-store traffic;
  • cross-channel insight, with direct integration between your SEO, social, and CRM systems in a single dashboard;

Most importantly, integration is seamless, with no need to reinvent the wheel. You can also manage your local business data seamlessly from your current internal systems to our CMS platform and tie the consumer journey with rich analytics and insights.

Get Started with Search to Sale™

Finally, getting started with Rio SEO’s Open Local Platform is simple. Tracking from web analytics platforms can now be merged and measured against offline consumer activity from open source and deployed initiatives in a dashboard available to a brand marketing team or agency. With the simple injection of tracking codes, you can also correlate web visitors to mobile and desktop users via device IDs through purchase and beacon interaction.

Contact Rio SEO today for a free Search to Sale™ demo and see what bridging the gap from online to offline can do for your ROI.